Asian Wedding Brides introduce yourself here!

I am bored of this forum being overtaken by advertisers! I 'know' who the Indian brides are but it would be nice to know something about all the girls who make up all the other lovely countries of Asia! Clearly there are many Chinese girls, Sri Lankans, Vietnamese and Filipinas!

I am getting married next year in Northumberland to a lovely English man. We are having a short civil ceremony followed by a Hindu ceremony on the same day. Unlike most Asian brides the plan is to wear just one dress at the moment (prob lehenga)!

As you can tell from the current username change, I am on the search for a good florist! I have lots of other things sorted. Planning to go to India at some point for clothing and stationery!

Would love to know something about you all and your wedding days!

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  • I am bored of this forum being overtaken by advertisers! I 'know' who the Indian brides are but it would be nice to know something about all the girls who make up all the other lovely countries of Asia! Clearly there are many Chinese girls, Sri Lankans, Vietnamese and Filipinas!

    I am getting married next year in Northumberland to a lovely English man. We are having a short civil ceremony followed by a Hindu ceremony on the same day. Unlike most Asian brides the plan is to wear just one dress at the moment (prob lehenga)!

    As you can tell from the current username change, I am on the search for a good florist! I have lots of other things sorted. Planning to go to India at some point for clothing and stationery!

    Would love to know something about you all and your wedding days!

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  • rakchoprakchop Posts: 348
    Hiya . I know you kinda know me already, but thought i'd intro myself properly too ... Getting married this year! in Northumberland (nr hexham) ... me indian, h2b english. Having civil too then Hindu ceremony.

    Still searching for ...





    beautician/hair etc

    Am going to india to buy wedding outfits/stationery, favours, jewellery and other bits and bobs. Wearing english dress for civil wedding which was ordered before xmas.

    Like bridey, would love to hear more about everyone else xxx
  • Coconut2011Coconut2011 Posts: 3,752
    I'll introduce myself too although I've spoken to you both!

    I'm getting married in August in Leicester. Having the Hindu wedding one day and civil ceremony and reception the next. H2b is English/American.

    Going to buy wedding stuff in either Leicester or Birmingham. Off to Birmingham to look this weekend actually.

    I've only ever been to Goa, but we found it hard as my family is from Fiji so I wouldnt really feel comfortable going to India to shop as we dont really know how it all works.

    Are you both from Northumberland then?

  • Hello,

    I'm not Asian, but H2B is Sri Lankan (but grew up in Australia). We are having our Irish-Sri Lankan fusion wedding in Ireland in August.

    We're having church blessing and then Sri Lankan Buddhist ceremony. I'm wearing a dress for the church and changing into traditional cream-coloured saree for the SL ceremony.

    Hope everyone's planning is going well - it's great to see so many beautiful fusion weddings happening! xx
  • Hi Sheenangel

    I live in Newcastle and I think Miss G does too. Northumberland just a rather lovely part of the world with stunning venues! x
  • melwingmelwing Posts: 2,666
    Hey ladies!

    I thought i'd introduce myself. I'm chinese and you might of seen my name pop up on the chinese brides thread loads as I'm on it on a daily basis lol

    My H2B is english. We're getting married on the 30th May 2010 in a country spa hotel in West Sussex and having 40 day guests and probably an extra 40 in the evening. I'm wearing two ivory coloured wedding dresses. One that i bought from Berketex and one that I got custom made in China.

    We're having a civil ceremony, drinks reception with champagne and canapes, 5 course wedding breakfast with coffee and petit fours and an evening disco with a full buffet.

    We're also having a wedding in Mauritius on the 1st August in a chinese wedding venue that has a tropical feel. This is for 160 guests and is a typical chinese wedding due to my asian background.

    Our wedding venue in Mauritius:

    We've having a church wedding in a cathedrale in the capital of Mauritius and also a 10 course chinese wedding banquet with an evening disco. We're staying in a gorgeous 5 star resort after the wedding but at my mum's before the wedding so we can organise the final details.

    For the chinese wedding I was going to wear a chinese dress for the tea ceremony but it doesn't look like I will have time to do this now as we want to take some sunset pictures on the beach.

    But I will be wearing another ivory coloured wedding dress that I got in a sample sale. Its a Maggie Sottero dress called Nadine and is now discontinued...

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  • Zinha and Mollybride: thanks for posting! It's so nice that brides from other cultures have replied to this thread! And Zinha, I think it''s a good idea that I modify the title accordingly!

    Mollybride: please ask some of the other Chinese brides to post too as it would be lovely to have some idea of who else is using this particular forum!

  • Hiya ladies

    I haven't been on this forum for ages but though I would officially introduce myself, I am getting married in april this year (eeeek only 2 months away!). my other half is English so we are having a civil ceremony in a barn and the reception in the same place. I have been pretty laid back organizing the wedding but now that its just over 2 months away think I need to get myself into gear!

    I am not wearing a lenga but have had a dress designed for me, its coral coloured with lots of embroidery but not so much that it doesn't weigh me down. Cant wait!! image xx

  • rakchoprakchop Posts: 348
    Get this ladies, i am actually writing this sitting in India!! I am here to do my shopping, starting tomorrow, so will keep you all posted.

    Ps sheenangel, im from Newcastle as bridey quite correctly said! Hope your shopping goes well xx
  • Coconut2011Coconut2011 Posts: 3,752
    The shopping did go well - got a really nice lengha in burnt orange. Yay!
  • Hello All,

    Thought I should introduce myself to all you lovelies, I'm planning a wedding with my h2b, two outfits, one Nikah (Islamic blessing) and a registry and reception with my British Bajan partner. Have looked at so many outfits recently, feel spoiled for choice.....but am hoping to make a trip out to the East to find the ideal outfit.

    Get so confused with the prices, would be handy to see pictures and bought for prices rather than the pre haggle ones!!;\)
  • rakchoprakchop Posts: 348

    I found my lengha on the 2nd day of looking!!! i am quite proud of myself ... raspberry colour .. have to wait til the 20th to get it. Found a lovely sherwani for H2B and have emailed him a pic, so fingers crossed he likes it as well ... next big thing is invites!!!
  • Welcome Mrs Holman and 1sugar. Look forward to hearing about your weddings!

    Congrats on finding the lehenga Miss G! Makes me happy to be heading over to India later in the year! Where have you been shopping? x
  • rakchoprakchop Posts: 348
    Bridey, im shopping in Delhi, if your coming this way, i'll pass of more details of where i went etc ... Got invites sorted today ..its defiantley worth coming out here. Invite start from 15 rupees (about 20p a card) the one i chose was 45 rupees, plus 5 for the reply card and printing. When are you doing your shopping?
  • Miss Giggles - I will be going to Kolkata where my family is but was thinking of going to Mumbai. Glad to hear you got sorted do quickly and that the price of the invites is so good! Prices over here are so rubbish for invitations (and everything else too!).
  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I would take the plunge and introduce myself as I have been lurking for a while... we're still in the very early stages of planning i.e. we haven't even decided where (which country) to get married yet! I am originally from Wales, my h2b is originally from Afghanistan and we live in Germany! Hope I'm not out of place on this board?

    It's not going to be easy to decide how to do this, but we are both in agreement that we want to mix both our cultures and traditions to create a unique wedding celebration!

    We have to have a legal ceremony in Germany which is a short process with just close family and friends and we would like to have a nikah (Islamic blessing) with a reception/party afterwards.

    We are trying to get an idea of numbers at the moment so we can look at venue options here and in Wales and then we'll go from there!

    Although I think it could get quite stressful I'm really looking forward to planning this and most of all marrying my wonderful man!

    Looking forward to updating you all with the plans and hearing more about all these lovely weddings x
  • Hello ladies,

    I am also in the early stages of planning a wedding! I am Indian and my other half is from New Zealand so having a very mixed wedding! We are getting married in a Registry Office with just close family and then having a reception at Syon Park.

    I am looking really forward to it but am on a bit of a tight budget so any tips on how to save money will be gratefully received!

    Sonya x
  • Welcome aboard Frau2be and Sonya14. Frau2be - of course you are not out of place! Loads of us are having mixed race weddings. Sonya14: what areas are you looking to save on? One of the best tips I ever heard was for each of you to work out your top 3 priorities and if you are going to splurge on any areas splurge on the ones that are joint priorities. Save on the rest. The 'my budget' function on your homepage (in the top left corner) has been really useful for us. There are loads of ways you can budget, from buffets rather than sit down dinners and capping the costs on alcohol by putting bottles on tables and no more, to M&S cakes, dresses from China (or India!) , men's suits for hire, keeping flowers local and seasonal and so on. What dates are you both getting married?
  • Im mostly hoping to save on the dress- im looking for a Lengha. I managed to buy a Sari on ebay from a supplier in India which actually turned out to be really nice so will wear that to the registry. I want something nice to wear for the reception but have been too scared to go out and even look in the shops!

    Im getting married on 12th September so should really get a move on!
  • hy ladies.

    my name is hina and i am from bolton. i will be gettin married next year to my lovely fiance robert. we r both from bolton and looking to get married in the north west. as things are very new i have no idea where to start!!

    i am muslim so we will be having our nikkah (islamic wedding) then reception after.

    have started looking at dresses (as tht will prob be the most imp thing lol!!) and also matching sherwani for him.

    not sure what else to say but looking forward to speaking to you all. and all the best for your wedding preparations!!

  • thanks for the welcome Bridey! We're hoping to set a date in April or May next year. We would love to get married this year, but looking at the number of people we'll be inviting (do you all have really big guest lists??!) we really couldn't save enough to do that this year as we are going to pay for it all ourselves.

    Futuremrsburns or any of you others having a nikah - do you have any suggestions where I can look for a green dress online? After speaking to my h2b's mum and aunt yesterday and seeing some photos of other weddings I really want to look into this as I can't quite picture myself in green...would love to see what kind of dresses others have chosen as I need some inspiration. I've already found a couple of white dresses I like (for the reception and party) and will hopefully be going to try them on soon!
  • sh0rtyuksh0rtyuk Posts: 1,379
    Hiya Ladies!

    Lovely to see everyone is well organised and having fun.

    I, on the other hand cant say the same for myself! : )

    We are planning for Summer 2011, probably July time, We are still hunting for a venue, of which we want to hold the registrar ceremony and reception.

    My OH is West Indian (Caribbean) and I am Indian.

    I haven't been into any shops yet but I am about to get started on the 'dress' and 'lengha' hunt. I will be wearing a dress for the ceremony and a lenhga for the reception.

    We have a rough plan of what we want, its just a case of pulling it all together!

    I have seen a few nice dresses (yet to try any on) but was actually thinking of getting one made. I prefer fishtail and fitted, but still simple - not that easy to fin believe it or not.

    In terms of Asain wedding sizes, ours should actually be fairly small. We are keeping it (or at least trying too) keep it to close friends and family. We do not want a huge wedding, generally aiming to keep the numbers below 120-130 people.

    Does anyone know of a seamstress in the London /Essex area that wont be extortionate?

    If you do that would be a great help.

    Anyway ladies, I think I have said enough! I hope your planning goes well.x
  • Welcome sh0rty. Notice you've a big thread count and have been a member for a while. Are you having a long engagement? I don't know about London seamstresses. has quite a good venue search option which you might find useful. x
  • hi all

    i am Anjlee and getting married in birmingham in early august this year. H2B is also indian. Will have a civil ceremony in july where i will where an english red gown, then in then in the hindu ceremony ill wear a saree (gujarati panetar) followed by a lengha for the reception. All of my arrangements have been booked, just came back from india where i got all my shopping. The 2 things left are florist and makeup lady, I have some contacts locally for florists but havnt got a clue for makeup lady! Any recommendations???
  • Hi,

    Let me introduce myself, I'm chinese (B.B.C) and my h2b is english, we live in Essex.

    We haven't set a date yet but we're looking at Sept 2011. We both like a simple english wedding with the colour theme from a chinese wedding, red with a little gold.

    To be honest my h2b doesn't know what he wants.. well i'm very happy to decide for him!image

    Right now we are gathering details and hunt around on what's on offer. When i meant simple, we spoke about having a late registry office then a running buffet with a disco. I love a boogie, so got to have a dancefloor..image for the venue we're looking at having at a hotel.

    For our honeymoon we want to do something different! Thinking about hiring a motorhome and go round a few countries in Europe, like to head towards the Med, may even get ferry across to Palma and Majorca. We've hired one before up to Scotland over christmas, we were really lucky we didn't get one drop of rain!!

    I must admit I am a real bargain hunter image

    I'm borrowing my sister-in-law's shoes from when she got married, then again, they got married in Hong Kong and she had 5 dresses image (so 5 pairs of shoes in 1 day)!!!! These are silver colour. Save ££ here..

    Got a friend who only just started her own little business at home as a Photographer. So saving few ££ here too.. plus i got another friend who loves baking, so save ££ here as well..!

    I enjoying art and crafty things so we're making our own invites, gonna be fun. :\)

    I have a great friend who I've known for nearly 20 years, has offered herself as my wedding planner as she's already married.

    So i can't wait when things starts rolling..! :\)

  • Oops, about the shoes.. One's i borrowed are sparkly silver colour.
  • Welcome Orientalbride2b! What a great idea for a honeymoon! You sound very lucky to have such supportive people around you! There is a great thread (if you haven't found it yet) on this forum: Chinese Brides and Ideas - the girls are very friendly and I am sure you can share lots of brilliant ideas on there. x
  • Thanks Bridey McBride! I'll have a look (if I find it) :\)

  • To those of you have already chosen a photographer.....what were the specific criteria upon which you based your decision?

    Given the current economic client it seems that many people are after a bargain. Would you be swayed by price over quality?

    I've only been shooting weddings for about 10 months so I'm trying to get an idea of what clients are really after.


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  • sagey81sagey81 Posts: 3
    Hi everyone, been lurking also but havent really said anything! really nice to read about others esp when most have never organised a wedding before!

    Wedding date is 22nd August 2010!!!

    I am hindu h2b is catholic (mum catholic dad mauritian), we are having the registry at 1pm followed by drinks and canapes with just close family around 50 and then evening reception with about 200!

    Now do you think this is odd, I am wearing an ivory indian lengha with a trail that I bought from India before xmas for the registry, bridesmaids are wearing hot pink dresses then in the evening I am going to change into a bright raspberry magenta lengha (quit heavy though :S)!

    My MIL2B is saying it isn't right I am changing as ppl are meant to see me in my registry outfit? and were meant to do or 1st dance in the dress I am marryig in? Also saying the wait between registry and reception is too long (about 3 hours but after photos it would prob be about 2!) but it is only close family and the venue isn't far from our homes!

    Sonya14-it is hard to cut costs in a wedding esp when you really want something for the day but things like photographers and videographers I literally just asked them if they could give any discounts and they gave it! No harm in asking!

    Good luck with all the planning girls!

    p.s. any songs to walk down the aisle to?????:\)

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