New to Asian weddings: Please educate me!

Hi folks,

I'm a freelance photographer based in Edinburgh. About 18 months ago I started taking on weddings, so I guess I'm still fairly new to them.

A few months back I was very kindly invited along, as a supplier, to the Asian wedding fair at the Sheriton Hotel. Unfortunately, my daughter was unwell and I was unable to go. However, I was very very nervous and apprehensive anyway. I have never covered an "Asian" wedding. I use inverted commas because I would imagine that different religions and cultures would have different customs, rituals and traditions.

I am very excited at the thought of covering what I'd imagine to be a wonderful vibrant and colourful event, but I'm not familiar with the sequence of events, order things run in and generally what to expect.

I work very much reportage, so capturing things as they happen, but I think it would be important to know what happens and when in order to do this effectively.

Is there anyone who would like to chat about their big day? Perhaps explain to me the different ceremonies and traditions etc? I feel incredibly ignorant, having never been to an Asian wedding and not knowing what's involved.

All help greatly appreciated and I hope you don't mind me posting!?

All the best, Helen


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    Hi Helen,

    Unfortunately it can take a long time for someone to explain the Asian wedding and many traditions that come along with it. The Hindu ceremony/traditions are not all exactly the same, but the main parts of it can be found here -

    It gives a very basic overview, and like I said not every ceremony will be the same, because India is so diverse, depending on which region you come from has different traditions.

    The easiest way to get acquainted is to google the different ceremonies - hindu, islamic etc, and hopefully you'll get some overview of them.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • Hi Helen

    You say that you mostly do reportage which is capturing things as they happen? It would very much be the same for Asian weddings or perhaps even more so as everything in these type of weddings is significant so almost everything that happens needs to be captured. Depending on the type of wedding, there will be exchanging of garlands, various prayers, tying of the 'thali', putting on the toe ring etc which needs to be captured. However, it might be a good idea to meet the couple beforehand and get some advice from them. I'm sure that they won't mind explaining what is important to them and they will probably appreciate you taking such an interest in finding out what needs to be done instead of just assuming. You will have fun though because as you've said, it's such a vibrant, colourful occassion.

    Good luck
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    HM123... Thankyou for the link, I'll have a little look. I really would expect there to be many variations and differences between ceremonies.... and I think that's what I'm a bit scared of. I think that "asian wedding" is such a broad umbrella term. I just feel incredibly ignorant and ashamed that I don't actually know anything about the customs etc. I will do as you suggest and root around on google and wiki etc (it's just knowing where to start really! lol).

    Hunnibee.... thankyou so much, your post actually put me at my ease a bit. You're absolutely right.... I would always talk to any potential client about their big day anyway. I just think that admitting that I'm not familiar with the "Asian wedding" (broad all encompassing umbrella term again) might put a lot of people off hiring me in the first place. I would just feel a lot more confident in talking to potential clients if I felt like I had a rough idea what I was talking about.... just the basic rudimentry expectations of customs throughout the day (some of which you have listed in your post and I would have no idea about).

    You've both been very helpful.... thankyou for replying to my post. I'll keep checking back to see if anyone else has any advice or words of wisdom

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    I am gujarati and just had a big gujurati wedding. If you send me a message I'd be happy to arrange a call where I can tell you all about the events. I am into asian wedding photography too and so can give you some ideas!


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    hi MrsMarried,

    Thanks so much. We don't seem to be able to direct message or email each other on the board anymore. you can email me at smellyhelly10 at hotmail dot com image
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