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Has anyone used Their site has hundreds of customer comments but I would prefer a personal recommendation! I am a bit ifffy about using Indian printers as on the two occasions I have seen invtes made in India, one of the cards was warped by the glue used and the other one had the gold lettering ink smeared on the opposite side of the invite.


    I'll take that as a "no" then! LOL!
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    Im nio Indian, but Im planning to use

    the Indian wedding card company charges you tax for delivery, I had them send me w hole load of samples and about 3 weeks later their courier company issues me with a £15 bill, so b careful.

    I havent ordered my cards yet, but the owner if my shadi seems like he will do a good job.

    Good luck
  • You can try . I used them for my own wedding invitations.
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    I used indianweddingcard, and most people who have bothered to get in touch with us or thanking us has said they are the most gorgeous ones theyve seen, which was lovely...

    We even made one of the girls moms cry...
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    Just posted this on another topic


    I went with indianweddingcards - invitations were lovely and reasonable price even with delivery cost.

    BUT - we didn't realise that on top of delivery we had to pay £80 for customs!!

    And there was a glich in the order, which meant that the ganesh symbols didn't get put on - my own fault for not double checking. So if you're ordering online, pay attention to every detail!

  • I'm almost certainly going to use Didn't realise you would have to pay for customs. How many cards did you order?
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    I would definitely recommend for invites. They are amazing! Their service is extremely professional and efficient. Also, their cards are so cheap but such good quality! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
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    I used Indian Wedding Card to purchase samples. This month there is no delivery cost so have only spent $20 on the cards themselves - at $2 per sample card. It is annoying they do not trade in £ , only rupees or US $ but apart from that it seems fine
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    I'm not Indian but accidentally saw this when I clicked on Asian Weddings instead of Weddings Abroad!! I will be using

    Service was great, I had the free samples delivered in 4 days, and also paid for some extra ones (and paid for delivery) and they came through a day later (I did order them later!! ) An Indian friend showed them to me and I fell in love with them!! She has mailed them with her wording and so on, and they mailed back a pdf document with what it will all look like - they were great!!! She didn't even need to put in an order to start, just gave them the card reference number and it was all done to show her what they would look like. xxx

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    Haha just saw MrsGilltob listed above - that's the friend who I was referring to!!
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    Well hello there flowermoon! I think parekh cards should give us a cut of their profits for advertising! I showed the invites to my mum and she was amazed! Just to let those of you that don't know about parekh cards know, they also do place name cards, RSVP, Thank you etc in the same design as your invitation.
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    I also wanted to give a massive recommendation to parekh cards who i purchased 125 invites from along with matching envelopes, rsvp cards and also an additional 50 registry wedding invites. They also came with free gold stickers for the envelope with our initials on it and our names on the printed on the front of each envelope.

    We paid around £180 in total and yes we were also stung £44 in customs duties which i wasn't aware of when i purchased them by this is a UK thing and you don't always have to pay it unless the parcel is stopped coming into the country. I still think we saved money and service was excellent and professional.

    All of our guests, both english and asian absolutely loved them.

  • Hi all

    Just spotted this also looking at invites.

    I also looked at a few websites and got some samples..but a bit sceptical about using them being in going to check out kingsbury printers actually someone reccomended them...anyone used them?

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    These are so beautiful! A wedding is one of the most special occasions of a person's life and the invites should be quite special too! I just checked out and they also have a good collection of wedding cards.

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