Any catering ideas for Vegetarian Asian and meat eating Englishman?

Hi everyone!

So me and my H2B will be getting married during september. We're both different nationalities and both have a very different diet! My family are Asian and are vegetarians, and his are English and meat eaters.

This has kind of left me stuck on what to do about catering and dishes. Is there a way to incorporate the two so that everyone is happy?

I'm really not sure what my options are, so if there is anyone that is in the same situation what kind of things did you go for??

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  • MrsKGtoBMrsKGtoB Posts: 286
    Just off the top of my head, but would the meat eating non-Asian people be happy to eat the veggie asian food? You could do the lovely veg curries, rice etc. for the whole crowd then have some seperate say chicken breasts, or lamb chops simply griddled that would do with the veg stuff.
  • NK-makeupNK-makeup Posts: 7
    Hi Saira

    We recently got married in April and I am indian and Husband english, we had a sit down meal at our venue for 71 guests, which enabled us to have a 3 course vegetarian meal for the asian guests and a 3 course for the meat eaters. On the evening we had asian vegetarian food and greek mezze platters for the evening buffet. Everyone commented on the great food and the combination.

    I hope this helps, if you need to discuss other things i would be more than happy to share ideas as our wedding was deemed by all our guests an amazing blend of a fusion wedding from decor to food. And if you are in the Midlands let me know if your looking for a make-up and hair artist as i am professionally trained and used to work for covergirl and have created amazing looks for a lot of asian brides.

    All the best with your plans.
  • NinaMidsNinaMids Posts: 1
    Sorry to jump in..!

    Thanks NK. I'm marrying an English guy next year and was (although my family are meat eaters) wondering how I'd implement some fusion into the wedding.

    P.S. Do you have a website. I'm going to be looking for someone in the Notts/Lincs area who knows about asian make up and I would be interested in your past work.


  • Saira_16Saira_16 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your suggestion NK! image
  • rrm1rrm1 Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    Im also trying to arrange a fusion wedding for next summer.

    NK - Do you cover buckingham. I would be interested to see your work as well.
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