Chinese wedding caterers

Have been going through all old messages and forums and my query seems to be a common problem...I'm chinese and my H2B is greek, we're getting married in London but want to find chinese caterers for a London wedding venue that isn't a restaurant. Doesn't have to be a full blown wedding banquet, any suggestions would be very welcome.


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    Hi Murial,

    Just noticed your message - its been a while since I've been on here as I've been frantically organising last minute things for my wedding (in Oct). Good to see another Chinese marrying a Greek guy! I'm also from London and we are doing a Greek ceremony plus a chinese banquet for the reception. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has managed to pull off a banquet wedding without having it in a restaurant. I guess its the nature of the style of cooking and also the fact that there are so many dishes!

    Are you thinking of having it in a hotel? I guess you could incorporate the chinese theme in the decor instead? are you going to incorporate any greek traditions?

    Sorry can't be of more help
  • Hi I'm gonna have a civil ceremony and reception at a venue tbc - will prob end up not having the chinese banquert but will have elements of chinese and greek influences: tea ceremony, chinese themed decorations and greek wedding dance and maybe mini kebabs buffet thing etc for the evening on the hunt for ideas.
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