Curry Special - has anyone used/using them?

I am trying to plan a mixed Indian/English wedding for 2009 and wondered if anyone here had used or is using a company in London called Curry Special? I have read some very bad reviews on them online and have tried to get hold of them 4 times but no on is calling me back!! I dont know why!! They do catering for a lot of hotels in london and manage the entire event if you book them. I have heard they are very expensive and not very good but i wondered if anyone here had any experience of them?

Thanks! xx:\?


  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Hi, I have heard of Curry Special, they are ok, you should also try Madhus, Ragamama, Green Leaf and many many more!! It also depends on the venue you want to go with.x
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