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My top saving tip - apart from leaving yorself loads of time to trawl through sales for favours, flower shops for decorations to buy abroad on your holidays.

I had my heart set on a lace mantilla veil. This is very different to the veil we're used to, although it is cropping up in the mags more and more. It sits flat on your head and is generally lace or embroidered. jemma Kidd wore one.

Well, all I could find were new for £800, or antique for heaven knows how much and with damage.

As they are Spanish in origin, it seemed a shame not to have look in bridal shops when in Menorca for my holidays!!

We took a bus to the second city Cuitadella and began hunting

After drawing a picture of a wedding dress in a shop, the friendly owner gave us a map with the bridal shops marked on.

I found a natural silk veil in handmade lace that is just so beautifull/ It cost £170. it took an hour to find the shops and recieve amazing service. And 2 days for me to decide to go for it!!

There were more standard veils for about £100, but finer than ours here.

A tip would be to bring your 'bride book' of swatches and ideas - I needed to compare colours. And don't believe anyone who says they can't speak English - with mime and drawings, it's amazing the fun you can have!!!

Anyone else had some good experiences?


  • ruthdillonruthdillon Posts: 150
    its a great idea, i got my wedding shoes when on holiday in granada, they are beautiful handmade ivory leather , more special than anything i could find in my budget here and they cost me only £50. definately look when you are abroad!

  • Absolutley!!

    Got my shoes from ebay.

    I saw some kate Spade ones in a mag, then found it impossible to track them down without going to new York!! They might be in London or somewhere, but it's a fair hike from Scarborough!!

    Then after a lot of patience and nearly giving in to a few pairs of jimmy Choo's, they came up! In my size!

    £60 invluding postage and packing.

    blooming marvellous!!

    off to majorca in few weeks - trying to think of something I need to buy..........
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