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car boot bargain!!

Autumn_79Autumn_79 Posts: 117
Hi ladies

had to tell you all about the fab bargain I found today. I was doing a car boot sale this morning as its a great way to raise extra cash and the stall next to me had a beautiful Debenhams flowergirl dress that had only been worn once and was in beautiful condition. I got it for £4 - sooooo chuffed as they sell for anywhere between £45 - £70 in the shop.

I guess the moral of the story to all us bargain hunters is to keep your eyes peeled - you never know where your next bargain might pop up - and car boot sales are fab for picking up a bargain!!

Happy bargain hunting ladies!!



  • Kez_B2B_09Kez_B2B_09 Posts: 434
    Thats great!

    My bargains include a Flower Girl dress from Woolworths cut from £45 to £7!

    And my tiara cost £3.50 from a charity shop brand new !

    Good luck. Hope you find some more bargains! image
  • Autumn_79Autumn_79 Posts: 117
    I think my whole wedding planning has so far been based on bargains and have to say I get such a buzz from not paying the full price for everything!! My invites were half price, wedding planner diary was reduced from £8 to £1.24, balloons and table confetti were pennies and my place cards were 36p for a pack of 8 - all I can say is thankyou Tesco!!

    I actually think that the only thing I have paid full price for so far is my shoes and their dying lol!

    What other fab bargains have all you lovely ladies managed to bag?
  • hi everyone well done with your bargins iv had a few my best was my tiara tried the same on in the shop and it was 140 i was serching ebay for one i liked as i could afford 140 for one i found the same second hand for 44 inc delivery im so chuffed oh yeah and my youngest daughters tiara 15 p and its gorgeous
  • MrsJones09MrsJones09 Posts: 108
    Tesco was a real wedding bargin fest this weekend, in the "seasonal" aisle all of their wedding stationary had around 75% off. Ive bought all of my save the date cards at 86p for a pack of 8, table numbers were £1.24 and a wedding planner for £1.24 as well. there were loads of invitations and planning stationary really really cheap. So pleased with my bargins!!!
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    BARGAIN TIME! My fianc???? & I are trying to organize our wedding on a tight budget. It's not that we're really poverty-stricken, but some of the things we have to pay for probably can't be economised on, like the fact we're having the ceremony abroad as a ???????destination wedding???????. One area where I'll definitely economise is the wedding gown. I'm getting that 2nd hand. The wedding's not till next year and admittedly I have some weight to lose so I'm leaving it till almost the last minute before I buy my dress. There are some super wedding dresses to be had from charity shops. I went in one earlier today and they had some stashed away upstairs. I went up for a look and there were 2 really gorgeous ones which the lady said were £10 each. There was also a full-length veil complete with silk flower headdress in first class condition with little pearls dotted about on the net - the lady said I could have it for £3. Also for £3 was a silk flower bouquet, a little crushed but definitely capable of being rescued and restored with less than half an hour's effort. Another item for £3 was another wedding dress, less ornate than the 2 which were £10 each but very nice and tasteful - I actually preferred this one to the 2 fancier ones. I didn't buy anything as I explained to the lady in the shop (before she took me upstairs) that at this stage I was ???????just looking??????? but I did want an idea of the quality of stuff you could get 2nd hand and the prices you might be expected to pay! I wasn't disappointed. You certainly couldn't HIRE wedding clothing this cheaply!! Furthermore, when it's a charity shop, you're helping a very good cause! I additionally plan to make my own headdress and bouquet from silk flowers - these can be bought from £1 shops where the clusters are £1 each or the smaller single blooms go for 5 or 6 for £1. Websites like this where you can chat with other brides and get ideas are very helpful and this is not the only one that I'm a member of! My friend got her dress from E-Bay for £10 and got married in the Caribbean. Something happened to her dress a couple of days before the wedding. It was only very minor, the porter or maid or somebody from the hotel dropped her dress or spilled something on it (which didn't show anyway) and the hotel insisted on paying for it to be dry-cleaned, steam-treated etc... My friend was laughing when she told us all cos the dress only cost her a tenner and the cost of what the hotel were paying to make good the imaginary ???????damage??????? was obviously a good deal more!
  • braddersAbraddersA Posts: 146
    We bought nine sets of wedding cufflinks on ebay for £40 and they let us choose what names...usher, best man, father of bride etc..They are about £16.99 each in confetti!!
  • sarue00sarue00 Posts: 24
    Beachbunny; Ive got the same invitations. The dress I got was £300 in the sale but I dont like it any more so Im gonna try and sell it and my mumis making my dress.
  • summer-riosummer-rio Posts: 25
    Hi SJP 2B,

    That sounds like a really good deal for your cufflinks, which e bay shop was that ?



    x x
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