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DEBENHAMS SALE new 20%off code addedd

shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
the debenhams sale starts today good for bridemaid flower girls dresse also pageboy suits etc

didn't buy wedding stuff but things for holiday

but managed to find code foe 10%extra off even sale items then found code for free delivery that you can use with 10% off code

heres codes

10% off PBUP

free delivery SHA1

so pleased got £60 of clothes for £25

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  • BrummieVeeBrummieVee Posts: 1,651
    I've seen a lovely stole on there - and it's only £3.50!!!

  • oldbird42oldbird42 Posts: 515
    Thanks - have just persuaded h2b to buy me a dress I had wanted (and nothing to do with wedding). Reduced from £90 to £40.50 with the codes.

    Happy shopping everyone!
  • ccwannabeccwannabe Posts: 64
    Brilliant, thanks shopaholic!

    Do you know when the promo codes end? I really want to buy some things but might have to wait untill pay day next Monday! image xx
  • JenShawnJenShawn Posts: 162
    Hiya, the sale ends on July 1st - I know because I have my gift list there - not sure if these codes relate to gift lists though??? image
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    sorry didn't see any expiry date
  • Thanks for the info shopaholic but i need some help, the 10% code isn't working for me. I put in the free delivery one which was fine, it said if using more than one code to put a comma inbetween which i did but it says error with PBUP. Any suggestions??
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    i did it the other way round put PBUP code in first then then SHA1 after(i did them one at a time)

    hope that helps
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    I have a 10% discount when using a goldcard til end of today.

    It's PNJP. Don't know if it 'knows' you are using a goldcard though!
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    i have tried to do code PBUP and it says its invailed so looks like that code no longer works image
  • Thanks anyway, still good to get free delivery x
  • kabanovakabanova Posts: 135
  • chabaukchabauk Posts: 115
    Jen Shawn, I was thinking the same thing.

    I just had a peep at our gift list and nothing on there seems to be reduced. I'm thinking of adding a bunch of sale items and taking them off when the sale is over, to give our guests more chance on getting a bargain.

    Will it work I wonder..........?
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    for those who mist out on 10% off code i now have 20%off code which works with free delivery code above

    20% code PFYP

    don't know how long it will last
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    just tried use the 20% code saying invalid so didnt last long the SHA1 for free p&p is still working, but might has well fetch them myself if not getting anything off them,
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