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Silk Flowers??

Hi, so I am planning my wedding for Australia, the last thing I have to plan is the flowers and since I reside in London it is hard to go for appointment's to see a florist.... so I now have a bright idea to buy silk flowers as I have been searching the internet and found some nice ones but they are either too pricey or too cheap.

Can anyone suggest any silk flower places that wont break the budget too much? And/or anyone who has used silk flowers....

Any help would be apreciated

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  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    I am getting mine from Sarahs Flowers:

    They have some lovely stuff on there, great prices too!!
  • jhall_8jhall_8 Posts: 36
    Try I looked at Sarah's Flowers and they were alla bitsamey - rose bouquets, but Alison at pinkcorsage is really open to what you want and will source artificial flowers for you. Alternatively - have look on this is a trade only website but I ordered the flowers for the church from there. only requirement is £100 min spend. I hope this helps!
  • I got mine from Sarahs Flowers and can recommend them - but jhall_8 is right, there is a definite emphasis on silk roses - although they do offer other flowers and if you send them a photo of a bouquet you like they will quote you for making it up. I wanted roses anyway, but I designed my own and they made it perfectly.

    I also liked the ones on this Canadian website but they are a bit more expensive
  • lexie_jadeuklexie_jadeuk Posts: 180
    Thanks girls it's good to know that there are other people out there having silk flowers. I am a little worried people will talk and think it strange that I have chosen silk instead of fresh. In the end it's my choice and I think some look allot better in silk than real...and you get to keep them!

    I have had a look at the sarah's flowers website and I sent her am email with what I would like.

    Thanks for the advice image

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  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    Sarahs flowers do foam roses as well, a good one on ebay is the Bridal Workshop, also cannytastic flowers, Briarene65, just type in wedding bouquet.!! I'm having foam roses/lilies, got them from ebay second hand, they're fab.!! will sell them afterwards.!!
  • Hi

    I have ordered my flowers from Georgina is extremely helpfull. I didn't see what i wanted on her website so emailed her what I was looking for and she got back to me the same day with a picture of what I was after. I am getting the flowers for the whole day including button holes, table centers and church flowers for under £400!

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