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Good place to get white umbrellas?


Better get a couple just incase! So if anyone can let me know where you can get them at reasonable prices i would really appreciate it - thanks xx


  • rmgaveyrmgavey Posts: 152
    In the on e of the free magazines you get free with lots of the bridal mag's i thik it says you can hire them. Thats what Im planning on doing...will try and remember where their from
  • Monkey35ukMonkey35uk Posts: 673
    Someone a few weeks ago said Primark had some for £2 or £3
  • saguksaguk Posts: 187
    YES! primark have them they r clear with either white or a black handle £3 bargain - my friends got me mine as a hendo pressie x
  • summerlee1uksummerlee1uk Posts: 556
    Cant find any in Yeovil or Poole branches of Primark image

    Will try Bournemouth tomorrow.

    Thanks girls x
  • kazzy47kazzy47 Posts: 264
    what date you getting married and your post code can look on the 300 day weather forcast for you
  • Sheena217Sheena217 Posts: 159
    You can get them on I ordered my wedding stationery from them and the deliver outside of Ireland.
  • summerlee1uksummerlee1uk Posts: 556
    Hi mrs cruella - I didnt know you could look that far ahead for the weather - please come back & tell me it will me snow showers! I'm getting married on 29th November postcode is DT10 2PY - thanks x

    Hi mrs 2 be - will have a look at that site - thanks x
  • mrsj2008mrsj2008 Posts: 763
    I have been all over town yesterday looking for white brollies but couldn't find one!

    In the end i've gone for plain back £2.50 from Primark, the little velcro strap has something like singing in the rain on it.

    They are massive and a good bargain. Other than these I saw this link but as i've only a week to go didn't want to risk delayed or damaged delivery xxxx
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