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Blank Cards - The Works Discontinued!

Can you not get them from another branch of the works??

What about Hobbycraft?


  • lynarnotlynarnot Posts: 154
    I got mine from The Range- they are tall, slim ivory cards but they did have them in white too. Also they were and on special offer!!x
  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    Wilkinsons might be worth a try, they have a big craft section now with blank cards, card making stuff etc

    Also, you'll probably be able to get them on Ebay
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    abakhan fabrics sell oads of weddingy stuff in their shops and I have seen the card blanks in store. is their on line shop to give them a go?
  • LollyxxukLollyxxuk Posts: 1,455
    Really?! None???? Not even any far away??? I dont mind going to one near me if they have them??
  • LollyxxukLollyxxuk Posts: 1,455
    Nothing on ebay??? Whsmiths???? Tescos???

    She may have only called local ones?? I am in Herts if you wanna phone nay near me? x
  • hi AmyJ1985

    i actually work in the works. so i will check for you tomorow at work.and get back to you about any stores showing any. how many is it you need?? and what part of country you in?? so i know where to look.
  • Hi Amy,

    Im going into town tomorrow so will have a look in my local branch. If they have any, would you like me to pick some up for you? I'm in worcester so not far away, you could either collect from me or I could post them to you?? x
  • Hi Amy, Been into the works today but unfortunately they only had the ivory.cream ones in stock, Is there anyway you could use these? I would be happy to go back this week and pick them up for you xx
  • hi AmyJ1985

    had a look on system and in your area these stores show stock of them

    kettering show 13

    corby temp show 12

    leicester show 24

    try phoning them up or get ur local works too

    item number 10003707
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