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Organza Rolls?

Where can I buy rolls of black organza that are finished at either side?



  • leather2bleather2b Posts: 260 New bride
    Hi vixengrey

    Have you tried ebay? Take it you want it for chair sashes?

    I found this website theirs seem to be cheaper than most and I would have ordered from them if they had them in my colours!
  • nscoadnscoad Posts: 94

    I got mine from They do all sorts of different colours. On the website they only show the small width, but actually saw them at a wedding fair and they do the 1 metre width aswell, although it's not shown on their website. i think it was £10.50 or there abouts and i got mine in hot pink. I hope that helps. Nicki
  • vixengreyukvixengreyuk Posts: 423
    Its actually for table runners.....thanks for replying

  • clairedc1clairedc1 Posts: 574
    hi you can get them at hobby craft for £9.99 thats where i got mine. we are having black too!!!
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