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Tracksuits for customising

BoogiebabyukBoogiebabyuk Posts: 1,723
Just got 2 tracksuits in Primark. One white and one pink costing £4 for the bottoms and the same for the tops do thats £16 in total for 2 tracksuits.

Excellent, going to get my transfer of ebay now. Planning on wearing one on the flight to Jamaica to get married and one on the return flight.


    Good idea. Let us know how you get on. Do the tracksuits fit nicely? May do something similar myself. xx
  • BoogiebabyukBoogiebabyuk Posts: 1,723
    Yes they fit really well and are so comfortable.
    Mmmm, may have to get some and try the transfer thing myself. Thanks.
  • LollyxxukLollyxxuk Posts: 1,455
    I have a white one from P. Trying to decide what i want one the transfer!
  • 18vicki18vicki Posts: 217
    We got some from Tesco, £7 for the bottoms and £7 for the top, I then made the transfers so we could have the same font as the invites and the right colours! My CBM and I are going to wear them in the morning, I have also done some boxers for h2b and a tshirt for him for the next morning, both to go in his pressie box!

    Much easier than it sounds and quite rewarding to know we saved money and made them ourselves!
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