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bridal shoes - please look AGAIN!!

Hi everyone

I got shoes!!! What do you all think about them?

Still practicing the walking but LOVE them.

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  • just realised ... the link does not show the correct shoes!!!! not planning to wear red shoes!!!!!image

    under glitz and glam shoes and the name is miner .. in the ivory option

    it is the last shoe on page 1, change colour from black to ivory!

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  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    well i just looked and wondered what u were wearing crazy? but came back and saw ur other link image the red were nice? i think it was urs they r lovely they all are i havent been on that site so thanks for the tip as well!!!!
  • hi antonia6, yes you can get them in red, black, brown and ivory. There is an option to change the colors to view the shoe in.
  • wow!!! they are extremely funkiful!!! very show stopping!!!

    then again... i'm bias... i'm a self-confessed shoeaholic!!!

  • emmadavies1emmadavies1 Posts: 128
    I've got mine from Dune as well (page 2 of the glitz and glam section - Mackisha - shown in turquoise on the page but available in Ivory which I've bought) they also do matching bags for a lot of their shoes which are very funky as well. I keep trying to wear them around the house to 'break them in' got a funny look from the post man when I answered the door wearing them with my slobbing about in tracksuit bottoms the other day!!
  • lisa573lisa573 Posts: 63
    these are mine

    I love Dune shoes! i wanted gina shoes but over spent on my dress so I had to settle for high street but i think they're just as nice! I can't resist trying them on all the time!

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