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confused about buttonholes

hi girls wondered if u cud help me? i was told that years ago buttonholes were only for men? i actually thought that sounds a nice idea (most women dont want to wear them cause of there outfits)???? does anyone now if that was the case?? of course my mother has gone doolally image you cant get buttonholes for the men and not the women! what do u think???


  • We're only having buttonholes for the men. Didn't really consider them for women. The only time I've seen them for the women was at my brother's wedding last year and I found mine a real pain!
  • we're doing them for men and women! we're having calla lillies for both, but the men's have a green leaf thing on them and what looks like grass kinda enhancing it!!! and the ladies' have a fern looking thing on the back of it and a "crystal shower" on it (basically a few crystals on a few wires shooting out of it!!!

    they're nice!!!

  • Hi there, we're having buttonholes for the guys and corsages for the ladies - they can have them on thier wrist or pin to clotes or bag apparently!
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    We're only having buttonholes for the male attendants but last year at a wedding we went to every guest was given one. Men wore them one way and women wore them upside down in comparison..

    I suppose it's like everything - you need to do what feels right for you (and what's in your budget?!)

  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    Hi, We haven't decided what we are having yet. The last few weddings i have been to over the last year, the bridal couple and their families both men and women had buttonholes and some of the female guests wore buttonholes to match their outfits. We will most probably do the same. I would say buttonholes are for both men and women If you wanted buttonholes but not sure if all women will want to wear them maybe you could have all the bridal party wearing them and inform the guests that they can wear them if they want to. Only a suggestion. x

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  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    thx girls really appreciate it, and very gud suggestions! i think i will go 4 men with the buttonholes (main party) and mom and mil corsages!!! oh ye and show my mother this link. thx girls xx
  • -Samiana--Samiana- Posts: 69
    Traditonally the groom usually wears a single white carnation to match the brides dress. The best man and the fathers wear a double red carnation and the ushers a single red or white carnation.

    Saying that three of our siblings have got married in the last few years and they've had one kind of button hole for the attendants, fathers and siblings (and their patners) and then corsages for the mothers.

    Be careful with the girls, my sister had large red roses as her buttonholes and they trashed mine and my sister in laws dresses, they were just too heavy.
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I had NEVER thought of buttonholes for ALL the guests that seems crazy and a big expense and I don't think ANYONE comes to a wedding expecting to get a buttonhole. We had buttonholes for groom, best man, ushers, father of groom and father of bride and then my mum announced about the women having corsages I HAD NEVER HEARD OF IT!!!!! But there we go and since i was lucky enough to have my parents paying we went along with it. So then included in the buttonholes were my 2 brothers and then there were going ot be corsages for the 2 mothers, hubbies to sisters and then my brothers 2 girlfriends. So the groom, bestman, ushers and grooms father all had ivory roses to match my bouquet, then my dad and brothers had yellow roses. Then the ladies corsages was just another thing to cause problems quite honestly. Hubbies mum and sisters decided they weren't sure if they wanted them so told us not to order them from our florists but then they never got round to ordering their own so then on the day they looked as though we had just missed them out and MIL had the cheek to apparently complain to a friend fo mine on the day that we hadn't thought of them and hadn't got them anything (but that's an aside!!) We let the ladies chose their corsages dependent on their outfits and that worked really well.

    Hope this wasn't too much of a random rant!! image
  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    thx again had another chat with mom today and told her that it was just goin to b double pink roses for the men and a corsage for her and mil? well u think i had murdered someone the way she went on she thinks i shud have buttonholes for everyone even if it means just a single pink carnation??? ive def put my foot down on that anyway thx again for all ur replies girlsxx
  • Hi girls - how much are you paying for your buttonholes/corsages? I haven't done the florist bit of my planning yet and have no idea how much things should cost! Thanks xx
  • brandonukbrandonuk Posts: 64
    Hi Betty my florist has quoted me £2.50 each for buttonholes and £5.00 each for the corsages hopes this helps.
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