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Present for H2B

Really want to get husband 2 be a small little something to give him on the wedding morning but we've agreed not to spend loads. I've seen a site with hankies with really nice poems on but they'e sold in dollars and cant find one in the UK, does anyone know of any or do you have any other ideas like a poem in a frame or on a scroll or anything a bit sentimentla really, I'M STUCK!



  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    hi, found a few sites that have free love and wedding poems on. hope it gives you some ideas.

  • vanuk1vanuk1 Posts: 103
    I am in exactly the same boat as you. The onlt thing I could think of was cufflinks, I was thinking of getting a really nice classic pair from Tiffany's, but not sure if he would really appreciate this (probably more for my benefit!). I would welcome ideas too please!
  • I bought my husband one of those Silver "My Last Rolo" trinkets. He thought it was great and has shown everyone, paid about £30 with postage for it, just kelkoo'd it to find cheapest supplier.

    I had trouble with this one so good luck, you'll find something you know your hubby to be will love.
  • Thanks girls, will keep looking, i thought about cufflinks too but dont think he'd appreciate them and he cant wear them with what hes wearing on the wedding day and he doesnt really wear any that often. Suppose i'll have to keep looking. Rolo sounds nice idea though! thanks
  • We found great presents for all those secial people who made our day, well special, at

    A little tip for you though (this is what we did anyway). Make a list of the items you are interested in and email BEFORE you buy.

    Say something like "Its for wedding gifts and can we get a discount please". It worked for us (we were spending over £200 anyway, but hey if youdon't ask you don't get and every little helps!!)

    Good luck

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