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Bridesmaid necklaces

CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
I wanted my bridesmaids to wear the same necklace on the day but I was worried about the price of getting 5 the same! Especially when my sister is allergic to most metals!

On the off chance I went into Claires accessories and found some beautiful pearl necklaces with diamond like bits on. They were £8 each! they look more expensive and go with the colour scheme! Also because they are glass hopefully (fingers crossed) my sister will not react badly to them!

They also have nice tiaras which are not badly priced!


  • amylukamyluk Posts: 714
    hi, if they are not to see though you could always put hyper-allergic paster on the back so its not against her skin.

  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    Thanks! It has a metal clasp so I might put one on that bit!
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    Swarovski also do very pretty necklaces that are a heart shaped crystal on organza ribbons which would stop any allergy problems and they do them in several colours. They are £25 each so not too cheap but not overly expensive.

    They are on page 69 of this month's YYW mag and the website is:

    where there are lots of other necklaces too.

  • CherrymaiCherrymai Posts: 185
    thanks Penguin they are beautiful and the one on the far right would be great but at £25 they are a bit outta my budget! I might bookmark that page for other things though!
  • petite_bridepetite_bride Posts: 110
    Ooh, I got my jewellery from Claire's Accessories too!! They're great, aren't they - I got a really nice necklace that goes with the neckline of my dress perfectly, for £8! my bracelet is sparkly diamante, £12. I think it's brilliant prices for the quality of the jewellery - as long as it's sparkly, what does it matter if it's real diamonds or just diamante? I daren't have anything expensive anyway, I'd just break it or lose it - it's sod's law!
  • starnashstarnash Posts: 6
    you could always try making the jewellery your self i did this i borught the Swarovski Crystals from ebay for about £6.00 and the ribbion cost me £3.00.i made 6 necklaces and 5 pairs of earringsimage:\) ebay is a god send when looking for budget wedding stuff

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