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Sugar cubes

MrsWilsonMrsWilson Posts: 429
Does anyone know where i can get heart sugar cubes cheaper than Cox and Cox sell them for? I really like both kinds - white cubes with red hearts and the brown sugar ones that hang from the cup.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


  • Well it's not much help, but if you go through then the p&p is cheaper. Every little helps. image
  • Hi, not sure if this is what your are looking for or not

  • fortnum & mason have white sugar cubes with pink and red hearts in, 30 for £7.75 plus £7.00 p & p per order
  • I know this post is old but just found this recipe for making heart shaped sugar cubes to have at ur reception you can add food colouring so they match your colour scheme or just leave them plain. These are alot cheeper than buying the cubes with hearts painted on.

    Here are the instructions ladies, enjoy!


    small bowls

    greaseproof paper (parchment/wax paper)

    small heart-shaped cookie cutter


    granulated sugar

    food colours

    1. Prepare bowl with sugar. Then add a tiny drop of food colour to the sugar, and a little water to make it damp. Mix until evenly coloured.

    2. On a piece of greaseproof paper, push a small amount of sugar firmly into the heart cutter (see 1) and level the top with a spoon (see 2). Carefully lift off the cutter and let dry (see 3&4)**

    3. Repeat until all the sugar us used up.

    ** note: make sure that you do not try and move the cubes until they are dry, about 1/2 hour

  • I saw the recipe too sparkle-pink and havie been meaning to make these for ages - they look gorgeous, especially in candy colours!
  • Gemma26novGemma26nov Posts: 91
    WOW! thanks for the recipe sparkle_pink! im going to give that a try.....will be great for our afternoon tea! thaks again

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