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Gift for Groom Family Surname History book £10.55!!


  • CruellaukCruellauk Posts: 812
    Oh wow - they actually have our surname which has shocked me!!

    Have you actually seen one and know what they are like?


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  • robstersgirlrobstersgirl Posts: 4,161
    No I am about to order one myself and thought I would share with you lot!!!

    It seems they have 37,000 names!! I was quite shocked to see ours too !!

  • What a great Idea, I have just clicked through and found my H2B's name and placed the order.
  • Becky6225Becky6225 Posts: 13
    Perfect pressie for my dad! thanks for that x
  • GettingwedcomGettingwedcom Posts: 5,858
    They have not got my surname. Maiden or married.

  • typical my married name is there but is £54.00.....

  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    lol. h2bs surname is i cant believe it.. think i will get it just so i can read it lol
  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    wow thinks i might get one of these for my dad x
  • leighh5leighh5 Posts: 1,439
    well, they don't have my married anme but surprisingly have my maiden - so present for ma dad image thanks

  • HilclarkHilclark Posts: 109
    Great book, thanks for the tip! Great for the dad's out there! Let's them know how much we value our maiden names x
  • curvycarolcurvycarol Posts: 355
    Just ordered one! cooool was looking for something different to add to his box.

    Kinda worried I wont get anything from him tho! lol x
  • kimber-kimber- Posts: 2,663
    wow they have my maiden ame and future name (although that is not that uncommon being seymour!) i am going to buy both for myself! great find!
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    Would love to know what they are like so please let us know when you get them ladies.

    Also does anyone know why the big price difference H2b's name is £13 but mum's maiden name is £54!!!!
  • I found h2b's surname, so i may get it for him to put in his box, or should i get it as a gift for his dad? and maybe one for my dad?

    h2b's is £13.59 & my surname is the same
  • ChannaukChannauk Posts: 1,117
    sorry cause im tired and a bit stupid - what exactly is inside these books?
  • great idea- thanks for the tip
  • delbennydelbenny Posts: 249
    hi, i received mine last week , its really interesting

    youve got the* historical timeline(points of interests about the name over the past centeries)

    the name family facts(a variety of immigration,military,and historical information about the name)

    *discover your family
  • You're the best, my H2B is fiercely proud of his Northern surname and he's gonna love this! Thanks!!! xxxxxxxxx
  • NickiKittenNickiKitten Posts: 2,074
    Thank you, what a star! Great gift for father-in-law to be! x
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