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update on my cheese cake

mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
Hi was on earlier regarding my cheesecake for the buffet, dragged h2b down to morrison to see cheeses, he thought there was too much orange with my choices of cheese so now we are having applewood smoked cheddar on bottom, a white stilton in middle and the five counties one which is very pretty, on top, works out at £53 , DECORATE WITH GREEN GRAPES, RED GRAPES ,WEE RED TOMATOES, and maybe some fake ivy, going to have branston, caramelised onion relish,and biscuits to go with have orderes 3 tier cake stand to display and going to get morrisons to cut into tiny slices for easy serving,.


  • wow that is a great idea!! i hadnt thought about going to morrisons....will have to go and have a look! Did you enquire at the deli/cheese counter? thanks
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    Yeah they are really help and very interested, tescos were really horrible started laughing at me you want what, some silly cow went and got me a cream cheesecake, all young girls useless, morrisons great.loads of choice, the normal stilton has a grey outer layer that I did not like,log on to the cheese shed for many different ways to decorate, had lots of good feedback, much cheaper than buying from proper cheese companys and they just send you the rounds thru the post anywy still have to decorate,can make like a proper wedding cake with pillars and tiers,also google cheesecakes for weddings and more ideas come up all the best mer
  • thanks for the ideas will have a look now! woo hoo.....definately considering this, now that it is affordable!! thanks Gemma x
  • Mmmmm that sounds great. I love cheese! When you say you are getting Morrisons to slice the cheese up for serving are you going to display the cheese already sliced or do you have an uncut cheese for the cake and then another one which has been sliced? Sorry if it seems like a daft question, just can't get my head round it!

    Thanks! J
  • MrsBailey2009MrsBailey2009 Posts: 4,769
    i think it sounds brill!!!!

  • ps The reason I ask is because I'm thinking of having a cheese cake too!
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    Hiya this is just to be a part for our buffet,an added extra, our actual cake is a croquembouche,french profiterole tower that we cut the op off.if you are having the cheesecake as your actual wedding cake you would cut the botttom cheese, and then it would be taken away to be cut into slices by the hotel to serve at the buffet as you would your usual fruit cake.We just fancy the cheese as a extra for the buffet,and morrisons will cut it so much easier, they could probably cut it for you too, even if it is your weddding cake,much easier than greedy aunt maud taking a huge piece.
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    Hi think I might need more cheese, everyone I have spoken too loves the idea, so want plenty for everyone, going to get morrisons to cut in into little slices for me,grange bex to hell with what the mil says,I have had nothing but positives back and also reading other brides feedback from their weddings everyone loved it no complaints, I am more excited about the cheese than my proper cake how sad am I ,think it will be a lot easier for it to be pre cut,
  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    We're having a cheese cake too. It's the only thing my fiance has voluntarily organised off his own bat. Everything else wedding related is whinge whinge whinge - generally about the cost - but then this cheese cake thing has him buzzing with excitement. We can't afford for our bridesmaids to have their hair done, the harpist is "extravagant", the horse and carriage is going to bankrupt us, but the cheese cake, oh the CHEESE cake well that's fine to go and order one from blimmin' Neils Yard (arm and a leg job) isn't it?! Oh well I suppose I should be thankful that he's found SOMETHING to be excited about with this wedding... and I do like cheese...
  • oryxukoryxuk Posts: 151
    I'm now considering a cheese cake now in addition to my cupcake wedding tower. What cheeses are people having? Can you have soft cheese like brie?
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    Hi we are now having applewood smoked cheddar, white stilton,and a fivecounties layered cheese, see them all at morrisons supermarket, they are all quite firm cheeses would not have a brie as a bit soft,and maybe messy to cut, thinking maybehave to get more cheese as everyone loves the idea, and do not want to run out.
  • MrsTeach2BMrsTeach2B Posts: 1,306
    Yummy - i'm have a cheese cake. We're having 5 layers from a local deli which with the 5 layers, decorations (figs, strawberries and grapes) and biscuits and chutneys to go with is coming in at £250 all in (including set up). I didn't think that was too bad. It's the first one the shop has done and they're sooooo excited about it lol - I know they're going to do a good job! Plus we've chosen yummy cheeses from them - 5 welsh cheeses, caerphilly on bottom, then a firm goats cheese, then green thunder (from snowdonia, a hard cheese with herbs in it and coated in a green wax) then per wen and per las - one is a welsh blue cheese and the other a welsh brie (can't remember which way round they are lol, but the brie will be on top).

    Everyone seems to think it's a great idea - though my dad is insisting on fruit cake for the oldies (and him I think lol!). I've said, if he sorts it it's fine.
  • mercedesuk1mercedesuk1 Posts: 2,814
    Thats sounds a bit expensive, have you priced these cheeses at your local supermarket, or are they special made cheeses, usual price for a round of cheese is 25 max, so that 125 for cheese, you are paying a lot for decoration, but if you are happy to pay that maybe because they are speciality cheeses,
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