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How much are you paying for a videographer???

hi, just wondered what price everyone is paying for a videographer??

I deffo want one but not really looked into prices yet.

Im in notts area if anyone can recommend anyone

Thanks kirsty x


  • MrsFlowerfairyMrsFlowerfairy Posts: 6,800
    we paid £1500 that was our day filmed from before the ceremony till 9 at night and a "perfect day" fun sequence (a short film that is filmed to the song perfect day and mimed to by the bride and groom and family and friends) the quality was amazing and Id be lost without it! : )
  • posieflumpposieflump Posts: 138
    could try scratching around on the visualbride website for videographers. There are loads of different styles, personally i hate long wedding videos, the shorter ones are more easier on the eye, than a 3 hour epic..

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