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Bargain ivory lanterns

Hi girls, i've been looking everywhere for some ivory lanterns to use as alternative centerpieces but i couldn't find any. I was in my local Dunhelm Mill yesterday and found the perfect ones. They have different sizes and styles and they have silver ones too. I'm so impressed with them. I've even bought large ones for outside the venue, and smaller ones to put on the food and cake table. The large ones were £6, the medium ones for the tables are £5 each (32cm high), and the small ones are only £3 each. Just thought i'd let you all know in case anyone else has been searching for some. xx


  • south2northsouth2north Posts: 199
    Thanks I'm wanting some for the tables on the patio area of my venue, they sound ideal.
  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    On this topic, they had some small pink, purple and yellow lanterns in my local poundland this week.....don't fit with my colour scheme, but may come in handy for others x
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