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Sweetie table bargain

Hi all,

I've just been to BHS and they have packs of 12 candy canes for 75p in all colours. I've got blue strippy ones for my reception at home and red ones for my wedding abroad for the kids, they also had multi coloured one which looked lovely

The woman thought I was bonkers (or a greedy sod!!) with my 20 boxes but he ho, you can't leave a bargain like that



  • dummymummydummymummy Posts: 1,010
    hiya shell whats the expiry date and whens ur wedding hon?

    am looking for something like that x
  • Shell19ukShell19uk Posts: 676

    The expiry date on ours was November 09 & I get married in Oct 09 so they were just in date

    I'm now going to look for something to put them in but just don't know what they could stand in as they arn't very tall

    I thought some nice ornate glasses maybe some with some colour in them to match my colour schemes

    I haven't even started buying for my sweetie table, infact its only today when I saw these I decided I was having one!!! image

    I now need to buy blue coloured sweets.........Any ideas???

  • KouklaMooKouklaMoo Posts: 700
    Thanks shell, I'll pop and get some tomorrow x
  • XcitedXcited Posts: 129

    I rushed to my local BHS this morning and was so disappointed!

    The lady said they only put them out on Saturday but they all went and they had loads!

    She said it was stock left over from xmas and they dont have any more.

    Oh well xx
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