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Platinum Wedding Rings - Bargain


Just had to share this as I am sooooo impressed. I wanted a platinum ring to match my engagement ring, so thought it would be nice for H2B to have the same. Anyway, been looking round, and finding them quite expensive. Had a nosey for some unknown reason on Littlewoods. Well, how impressed. They only have 2, a 5mm and a 3mm D Shape, but that's what we want. H2B isn't bothered about an overly large band.

So, they have been reduced 5mm to £299, 3mm to £235. Bargain anyway. So, went on the voucher websites to find a discount code, and got one for 20% off (xx845). So, what I thought might cost me £1200, has actually only cost £418.11, as the two prices I've just stated for the cost of them includes VAT at 17.5%, so that is adjusted at the checkout too.

Just had to share incase anyone else wants the same thing. It just means we're going to have our rings 6 months before we get married!!


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