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Anyone used Purely Diamonds or heard any reviews?


My enagagement ring is in platinum and has quite a wide band with a princess cut diamond. I am looking for a diamond set wedding ring, possibly half eternity style and have been shocked at how much the high street jewellers think they can charge for a rather measely diamond weight :\(

I've looked around on the net and Purely diamonds keeps coming up with the best value for many. Has anyone used them or heard any reviews on this company, If I'm spending possible £1200 with them I'd like to be a little more secure in the knoweledge they are reputable.

Thanks for your help




  • 9939leanne9939leanne Posts: 462
    My engagement ring was from Purely Diamonds and we found them great. My ring is lovely and I paid £650, valued at £1200. Good, fast service and great ring. Thumbs up from me!!
  • mrsjukes2bmrsjukes2b Posts: 144
    Thanks for replying i was beginning to think that this could of been a bit of a shabby company seeing how no-one seemed to have used them! think i'm going to take the plunge and order from there as the prices seem to be sensible, not too low and not too high! Anyone elses comments will also be appreciated!!

  • 9939leanne9939leanne Posts: 462
    The thing I love about them is that you can choose your diamonds, I really wanted a great diamond and because they list the exact diamond clarity etc I got a grade D diamond and its so clear and sparkly its amazing!!

    The customer service was great plus they post their items recorded delivery to come on a Saturday morning to make sure you are in to get it.

  • tigerchickuktigerchickuk Posts: 273
    We got our wedding rings from Diamond Heaven and they were very good. Based in Birmingham in the Jewellery Quarter, so can't do better than that.
  • I have seen the ring of my dreams on diamond heaven good to know that thwy have some good feedback as they are about half the price of anywhere else for the ring that i love
  • tigerchickuktigerchickuk Posts: 273
    Yeah, they are very good and if you are in the midlands, you can pop into their shop and take a look. The shop is called Aspire.
  • My engagement ring was from purely diamonds! H2B said he saved a lot of money and the service was excellent. We are going back there to get wedding rings!
  • we went to purely diamonds office where you can see samples of what you are looking for and we found Stephanie to be very helpful and patient. I have ordered my rings and am waiting for them to be made and then will go back to collect. Although they only do plain platinum wedding rings they were prepared to send them to another place to get the diamond cut that I want on my ring and have quoted cheaper than the high street store, so am now waiting for the two to be ready, for which they quoted about 3 weeks

  • Thank you tigerchickuk and jessicamabbett, better late than never!

    Diamond Heaven

  • Thanks for the recommendations guys, as above better late than never!

    We now do a much wider range of wedding rings and all our rings are designed and created in-house at our workshop so we pass the savings on from cutting out the middleman.

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