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advise - anyone brought the T Shirt mrs.....?


I really want to get a black T Shirt with mrs Dunne written on it for the next day

any recommendations ?

seen several companies but not sure which one is best?



  • kimber-kimber- Posts: 2,663
    have you thought about making your own?? i know some companies on ebay sell personalised diamonte transfers and you can just buy a cheap tee. i'm doing my own for the day
  • wrichwrich Posts: 425 do those personalised one's.

    or people on ebay make the iron on transfers for you.

    They are so easy to use, i bought a "bride" one and it really just irons on, and looks fab, ebay is cheaper though. Unless diamon-t are having a sale at the mo which they occasionally do.
  • JMJ77JMJ77 Posts: 1,287
    I got mine from here as well as "The Under New Management" one for H2B.
  • I got mine from as it was recommended on here.
  • I got my personalised Mrs transfer from They also sell lots of diamante transfers for Hen Party.I have a discount coupon code (DAZ10) to use on this website.Hope it helps.

  • pendleladypendlelady Posts: 280
    email this lady. really good price. You l have to doit yourself and get the t shirt. But she ll make it in any colour u want. Never found anyone any cheaper.: (£1.50 plus p&p)

    bride2besoon. I ve just been on that site. How cool are those wellies!!! Bit much at £99 though.

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  • whitestaffywhitestaffy Posts: 1,175
    i got my blue knickers made and h2b boxers plus 3 vest tops made, and you can put what you like on them
  • ldeadmanldeadman Posts: 124
    i got mine from here
  • GettingwedcomGettingwedcom Posts: 5,858
    I also got mine from

    I would highly recommend her, they are fantastic.

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