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wrist corsage best prices/style ?

fillyukfillyuk Posts: 240

thinking about having wrist corsages for my bridesmaids 2 !

best price and style not sure what to go for ????

any suggestions welcome.



  • ibiduni4nanaibiduni4nana Posts: 1,405
    i am having corsages made for mums and have been advised to stickl with the phrase - less is more and keep flowers in season.

    hope this helps

  • amycleetonamycleeton Posts: 318
    I'm going for wrist corsages for mums too and I think they are coming in at about £15-20 each. We can either match them to the colour scheme or their outfits x
  • I wanted wrist corsages for my bridesmaids but im not sure how it will look when they have no flowers to hold infront of them walking into the church. what does everyone thing about this?
  • I'm having wrist corsages,the BMs only have a short aisle so they can walk down just holding their hands in front but together. Ask your florist for a decorative strap as I discovered they are usually just a velcro strap but you can get beaded/elasticated ones which look nicer x
  • MissVWMissVW Posts: 7,419
    I was going to have a wrist corsage for my CBM but she has very small wrists and the pearl beaded one is elasticated but still too big for her.

    As geordiebride2b says, the other option is a velcro strap which isn't very nice, so I've decided to go for a pinned corsage which will attach like a buttonhole (but much fancier and larger).

    The wrist corsages I was quoted for were £8.50 each, the pinned ones are £6.50, but I'm having silk flowers so real ones will be more expensive x
  • fillyukfillyuk Posts: 240
    sorted !

    order 2 wrist corsages these will match my flowers!

    ordered white roses fresh ,cant wait to see them

  • ashbrideashbride Posts: 377
    silk flower corsages from bloominggorgous, they do loads of custom orders too!x
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