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Tall glass vase centerpieces wanted!

ChaleiChalei Posts: 91
Hey all,

I've been searching high and low for these but most are quite pricey - anybody have around ten tall glass vases, over 60cm tall with a large rounded base?? I'm planning on filling it with gel crystals and petals up the stem, and bobbing in some calla lillies, orchids, tulips (I keep changing my mind!), gerberas with some grassy bits (?!) on top. Anyone with any to spare - I would love to hear from you!! image


  • hi, i dont have any to spare as i have been looking for the same thing for my wedding.

    There is a site called easy florist supplies, try them, they are the cheapest that i have found, they have 68cm conical vases for around £9 each and delivery is free over £60.

    Hope this helps hun

    kirsty x
  • LsmallukLsmalluk Posts: 128
    hi chalei,

    also try they are a wedding wholeslaer and seem to have a lot of glass

  • Foxy_RedFoxy_Red Posts: 214

    These were mine:

    The vases were £2.50 for 40cm tall ones from Longacres Garden centre in Camberley, Surrey (just off J3 on the M3.)

    Even the really tall vases were only about £4 if I remember correctly. I've actually already sold all of mine, but I know they are still being sold. They have loads of differnent ones if these are too slim?

    I put 3 twigs of twisted willow, 3 Calla lillies and 4 stems of freesia (with about 3 stems of hard ruscus for greenery) I also put terquoise stones at the bottom of the vases.

    better pic from my trial I did:

  • JAH3011JAH3011 Posts: 23 really cheap & good delivery recommend! x
  • L3SYPL3SYP Posts: 104
    hi ya

    I got mine from ebay i got 8x 50cm vases for £40 which i thought was a bargain
  • ChaleiChalei Posts: 91
    thanks for all your responses you guys! Now Mrs Elliott you've totally inspired me - I thought I wanted really tall chunky ish ones but yours look great! Guess the flowers inside add further height and I was thinking of having cala lilies in mine. Mrs LMH2b that is a bargain, i'll have to keep my eyes open for more on ebay! image
  • NatmoNatmo Posts: 2,099
    I got some from the wedding mall and thye are lovely
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