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Gift for Witnesses

Hi Guys,

Looking for some ideas for gifts for my witnesses...we have one female and one male witness and I'm really struggling for ideas as we've already exhausted our budget!

The best man is having a tankard while the MoH is having a flute both engraved, the mothers are having flowers but want something small (but not too small) as a thank you for our witnesses. We're looking to spend between £10-£15.

Any ideas or links greatly appreciated.




  • Moomin-mamaMoomin-mama Posts: 693
    It's very touching, but do you really need to get a gift for witnesses? It's the first time i have heard any one mention it and we certainly were not planning on gifts for our, even if we did have it in our budget!
  • LizaAnnLizaAnn Posts: 201
    Well, we're giving gifts to ours - but our witnesses are our best man and MOH! LOL! 2 birds with one stone!!

    Not sure what kind of prezzies to get for sole witnesses... Sorry! Been thinking for a while and mind is blank!!xx
  • fillyukfillyuk Posts: 240


    been thinking about a neclace ?

  • tatty_tedtatty_ted Posts: 96
    Hi Girls

    I'm also wanting to buy presents for witnesses as we are having 4 - big families on both sides lol.

    I have found a nice chocolate thank you "thing" on just search for witness on the site.

    Hope thats some help,if anyone gets some other ideas I would be very interested

  • Thanks to you all who've responded. Our witnesses are very good friends who we want to make part of our day but due to financial restrictions couldn't have them as part of the main wedding party but they've been great support to us and if I'm honest my H2B's friend who is one should have really been BM but he chose someone else as he'd known them longer!

    Well anyway back to the point I've ordered some floating pens for them both from

    they will be engraved with witness and our names and date of wedding. I really like them and I just know they'll love the novelty of them too.

    Once again thanks all xxx

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  • x4585x4585 Posts: 23
    we are getting our witnesses gifts too 1 of them is best man too but i been to millies the do big cookies that im going to have thank you on it xxx
  • mrsrichesmrsriches Posts: 335
    Im not getting them a could go on forever otherwise!

  • 26septbride26septbride Posts: 1,158
    Our witnesses will be the Best Man and my best friend. I'm going to get her a bracelet but not sure about the Best Man - maybe cufflinks xx
  • I really think its a good idea to get your witness a thoughtful gift for their contribution towards your day. A Mont Blanc pen is a lasting and fitting reminder of the occasion.

  • hi! Well, for the witnesses ... whether they are partners or not. To us they gave us this It is surprising, different and daring. At first we were embarrassed, but then we were satisfied and we are likely to repeat it as a gift at our wedding. If you are a different couple do not hesitate!

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