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Just had to let you all know about this fantastic company. About a month ago I heard about a website, that allows you to order personalised stationary for FREE!!! All you have to do is pay the postage, so last month I ordered 100 personalised wedding postcards, as keepsakes for the guests, 1 personalised notebook and 140 return address labels for the back of invites etc etc. Paid the minimum price for postage which was £8 and takes 21 days and the first bits arrived this morning! Both my postcards and notebook has arrived, they are perfect, seriously soooooo expensive looking, the postcards are all glossy and have everything on there perfectly, the notebook although smaller than expected is still gorgeous, and cant wait to write to someone now!

They also do fridge magnets which you can personalise for save the dates, they do invites and all sorts of things. Not only is it free but apart from the odd email theres no catch! If the item you want isnt free at the time you look, if you create and personalise it, and it stores in your account, they will then email you shortly with that on offer, and even if they dont 50 fridge magnets are only £8 so not bad at all!!


  • Hi

    We ordered our save the date cards off this site. Was really impressed with the quality and service. Would recommend the company.
  • MrsPetuniaMrsPetunia Posts: 865
    My Save the Date cards arrived last week too - they're fab, £3.61 for 250!!
  • saskia87saskia87 Posts: 755
    I have looked at this site a couple of times and registered but can't see how to get them cheaper!!

    The invites I want are £7.99 for 10
  • thanks, i've had a quick look and it's just what i've been searching for, will hopefully make an order soon!
  • sarahnealsarahneal Posts: 105
    I have looked at this site a couple of times and registered but can't see how to get them cheaper!!

    The invites I want are £7.99 for 10

    Only certain things are on offer.

    If you sign up for their email they send you details of offers.
  • _Wooly__Wooly_ Posts: 179
    I've used vista print a lot for different things. My big sis got married in May & she got save the date magnets for her hen night. Again all she paid was vat & postage. If you register with them they often send you special offers.......defo worth a look!
  • I'd definately recommend them too! We got our save the date fridge magnets printed and then address labels, address lables with my parents' name and address on, rsvp cards for the day and need to order for the night time too! All with the same red rose on, which is going to be our 'theme'

    Well worth signing up to and registering! Brilliant offers and very cheap!

  • atracie1atracie1 Posts: 99
    Hi Luckyliz

    How did you create your rsvp cards? Ive registered and ordered save the date magnets for my hen night, but I cant find where you might have made your cards!

    Tra x
  • How can they afford to do that, does anyone know? Is it for a limited time only? xx
  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288
    Oh my god, thank you for this link, I have just registered and ordered 25 fridge magnets for £6.80 including delivery.

    I put a picture of the church were getting married at in Paphos and a thank you message for coming.

    What a great company, highly recommended.


  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557

    Sorry for being blonde but how do you do this which magnets do you use?

  • bilton001bilton001 Posts: 288
    What do you mean Annette, do you mean how did I get my own design on them?

    If you go on the fridge magnet section, there is one which says "upload your own image and texct here" click on that then follow the instructions for placing and cropping image, the add you text and pick, size font and colour then approve the online proof and order !!

    You need to register first to get the best prices though.

    Hope that helps !

  • good site but..........

    just make sure you read carefully before you click! I ordered some cards from them for place settings and all arrived fine - just as I was paying the offer screen popped up and I just clicked away in a rush (hoping my boss wasn't watching and trying not to look like a kid in a sweetshop). Anyway a few days ago I got an email saying my membership invoice would soon come through and money would be charged to my account - £9.95 or thereabouts. Obviously where they make their £££. Anyway, I emailed them and asked to unsubscribe and fortunately today they emailed back saying I had been taken off the membership as and I had cancelled it within my 'trial period' I wouldn't be charged (phew). The email was perfectly straightforward so god knows what I had done and there was no issue un-doing it which is a good thing but I wouldn't want any of you to get stung - at least they emailed me a warning which implies it happens by mistake quite a lot!

    Don't want to put a dampner on the site as its really good but take care to read all the small print (unlike me who was just pressing buttons all over the place like a maniac) You are probably all much more sensible than me so sure you won't have the same trouble but I wasn't aware I had signed up to anything - doh!! image

  • Hiya

    Just got my fridge magnets delivered today from Vista and they are great. Excellent value for money !!!!!


  • MidgeukMidgeuk Posts: 129

    I can't find the cheap save the date cards, where am I going wrong?
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    use the postcards hun or the note cards xx
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