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Two in one favours/name place cards beach theme

I recently had a great idea to save spending out on favours and name place cards,

I have invested in some plastic clear boxes for candies and filled them with stone coloured jelly sweets (dark browns/ cream/ while / black)

I then gathered flat pebbles off the beach but you can also buy them from garden centres. I brought a silver pen and wrote each persons name on the flat part of the pebble.

Then glue gunned the pebble onto the top of the clear sweet filled box.

Like I said two in one, ive got a beach theme with favours and name setttings with a difference.


I'm also want tall round vases to put candles in, Ive been to Ikea but they only have large square ones, does anyone know where I can get cheap tall round ones?????


  • Try larger supermarkets - Asda, tesco etc... I got a big round one from Asda a while back wchich was about 15 inches tall and about 5 inches in diameter - for about 3.99

    Dunelm used to do similar things at good prices, but I haven't been there for ages.

    Nat x
  • Forgat, also seen this sort of thing in Matalan. Not been in recently though.
  • For our favours we are putting a lucky dip lottery ticket in a same sized coloured envelope to match our colour scheme, them writing guests name on the front as place cards!

    We are thinking of getting the dj to read out the lottery numbers at our reception!

    What does everyone think of this idea as everyone we have mentioned it to thinks it is great

    Tracey xx
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