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Wedding favour ideas

Hi, I'm not getting married until march 2014 but been think hard about a different idea for favours which aren't going to break the bank and ones that haven't been done to death. Any ideas ladies? X


  • Hi

    We're having mini jam and marmalades (1 of each, which we are wrapping ourselves in tissue paper with a little thank you tag and the person's name (so double up as place names).  The jams we got direct from Tiptree and the whole lot for 90 people cost less than £60!


  • LilygirlLilygirl Posts: 429

    We are doing heart shaped cookies wiuth the guests names on them, double as place cards. We can batch cook the cookies over a few weeks and freeze them, then ice them a couple of days before. Mind you, we are also doing our own wedding cake, so the icing could be a bit frantic image

  • Thanks ladies. They both sound like great ideas x
  • Hi,

    We are doing cancer research/breast cancer badges and personalised love hearts with our new married name and date of wedding in ivory bircages with name tags on them will also act as place names. Mil2b has just got over breast cancer so that's why we chose that and all the badges are completely different which makes it even more quirky lol
  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    we are doing home made sloe gin in small 100ml bottles, then each bottle has a luggage style tag tied round the neck with the guests name on to double up as name place, childrens are having little jam jars with sweets in, same theory with the name tag. bottles and jars coming from ebay and my friend is making the gin, we are paying for ingredients, 150 guests coming in at less that £100 which fits with our budget of less than £1 per favour x

  • TheNewMrsCTheNewMrsC Posts: 558

    We're doing lotto scratch cards & 2 green&blacks mini choc bars tied with ribbon & a tag. I'm sure our ideas have been done alot though!
    You could do seed packets as it's a spring wedding? or homemade lemoncello in little bottles,as Sammi said it can be really cost effective.

  • I was thinking about donating to cancer research aswell as my mam had breast cancer but they were wanting a donation of ??2 per guest (and I wanted each favour to be ??1) Another idea was the seeds but h2b thought it was a crap idea (I still like it) one thing we defo are having is a personalised chocolate to come out with the coffee at the wedding breakfast off eBay. It's about ??30 for 100 and they're brill, we had them for our sons Christening. I'm liking the sloe gin idea! X
  • I am having purple organza bags bought from ebay for about ??6 for 100 and putting 5 haribo hearts in each as I wanted something cheap but didnt want to not do favours, plus I have a bit of a Haribo obsession!
  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I am thinking of doing the cancer research pins - our budget was £1 per guest (110 of them!!) but i think we will stretch to £2 as its for charity.

    If you dont want to pay for the pins, you could make a donation and explain to the guests in the speeches that the favour was a donation on their behalf? I'd rather have the knowledge that someone is benefiting from it than to take home some stuff that i will never use/ dont want!

    a recent wedding i went to had the pins, and everyone put them on, which looked fab in the pics!

  • That's a great idea, even of I bought the pins for a pound from a shop anyway. You're right that nobody appreciates the favours that you'd spend hours on deciding on and I can't remember any favours I've been given. I'd sleep better knowing a charity had benefited rather than the guests who should be grateful they're getting fed ha! image
  • We're having Harry moseley bracelets. He was an amazing boy who died due to his brain tumour. He began making bracelets to sell to raise money and his mum continues his work. The website is lots of celebs now support his charity; Duncan bannatyne, Tom Daley etc xxx
  • Aww that's so lovely! There's so many amazing people about. Wish u could donate to them all image xxx
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