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Dreesses from China,EBay

Ladies l have been looking for really nice dress yet not very costly and l think l have found one on EBay from China,has anyone bought anything from them?if so how much does it cost for shipping and clearance etc, how long does it take to get here my wedding is next year July[counting down lol],also are they a good quality or should l go for something here.Any suggestions will be much apreciated.


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    some people have been really please, some have been shocked and horrified. if gout want to go for it find one that has real user reviews (ie people who have lots of reviews for other shops too) and preferably find someone who has bought already and go to the same ebay shop. i got my bm dress from a China store and its great quality. if there are any crystals on the dress you like remember they are likely to be swapped with sequins as they are faster to sew.

    search for other Chinese dress threads and ask which seller they used. alternatively there are big wedding dress discount warehouses dotted all over the country and you might pick up an amazing bargain there!
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    oh should have also said....

    they will tell you how long it should take to deliver and be weary of anyone over 45 days from payment to receiving the item and you won't be covered by paypal after that point and that will help to ease any worry as they will get you your money back if your dress doesn't arrive but you have to lodge a complain within 45 days of paying

    i didn't get stung for any import tax with the bm dress i bought but i don't know how that works and whether you could if customs noticed. there's so much shipped over from China these days they probably don't bother but i have heard recent horror stories of anyone copies of designer dresses being seized because the design studios are starting to get a bit annoyed people are ripping their designs
  • We planned to get married approx 4yrs ago but it didn't happen!!! At the time we were very skint & so I brought 2 dresses from Ebay both through chinese sellers & I was happy with both of them. For one I paid £69.88 nothing else. On the other the dress was £30.00 but with p&p I paid £47.08.  Both took about 6 weeks to arrive & the only real problem I had was with communication, neither returned me emails very quickly usually took about 10 days to reply.

    However, now we are getting married this time (everything booked) I'm undecided whether I will wear either of them, still strapped for cash but considering pre-loved dresses & have found the one I want!!!  Hope this helps image

  • Thanks ladies l have heard you,so am deciding on going for one here as am ready for all the drama imagine the arriving and you find that its oposite to what you were looking for eeeh no,,,thanks ladies

  • Hello,

    I don't know if this helps but I brought my wedding dress off of ebay he reviews were great but still very nervous. I sent my measurements off last week. The dress cost me ??88 and in all honesty if its not good then at least it's not a huge amount iv lost out on but it's just the risk I have taken. It should hopefully be here in a few weeks time. So if you want I will let you know. I am not getting married till next year so it still gives me time to get a new one just in case.

    Also my partner got her dress made in China and the people that have seen it obviously I havent but they say the quality is really good and you would never have known it was cheap so hope that is a positive.

    Hope that helps x
  • Oh well thanks ShabbyChicBride,hope you get yours and will hear from you..

  • I buy my wedding dress from The shipping just costs me $45 . From the time i place order, i receive my wedding dress in 20 days. My dress is custom-made. Maybe it takes a longer time.  The quality is satisfying and rather save some money for other wedding use.  Before i buy the dress, i see many websites, finally i buy on this store. I t turns out not so bad~

  • Ohh thanks Mangomango2,will go have a look.

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