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Gifts for your Bridal party

k2k2 Posts: 224

What gifts have you bought for your bridesmaids and best man?  I want to get something really special to say thank you - I was originally going to get this Links bracelet for the bridesmaids but I don't feel it is special enough image - just noticed they are out of stock too!  It's a sign! image

Any inspiration for me??

Re the Best Man, I'm leaving this to H2B to choose I think!

I know it is tradition to get the Mum's flowers... is anyone getting anything for their Dad?  I think I want to as my Mum has passed away..



  • PickyBridePickyBride Posts: 207

    I'm getting my girlies jewellery as well, for them to wear on the day. But as a fun little treat I'm getting us all dressing gowns (not the typical 'Bridesmaid' dressing gown) and my lovely Mum is stitching pretty Cath Kidston fabric hearts on and their name on the back. Something for the day and then to keep after x

    If you get a minute, could you please vote for me and my fiance (Sasha and Jack) in this wedding competition:

    Thanks lovely x

  • k2k2 Posts: 224

    done! image good luck!!

    I have also bought dressing gowns as a surprise for all the girlies in the morning of the wedding, names on the front and 'bridesmaid' etc on the back! I thought it would be fun for the morning! Yours sound soooo cute!


  • PickyBridePickyBride Posts: 207

    aaaaah Thanks Kirsten, really appreciate it!! x

  • racheltusracheltus Posts: 500

    I have done little gift bags for my bridesmaid's and mum - they are staying over at the hotel the night before so I am giving it to them then as there are lots of pamper things in there, some champagne truffles, make up, jewellery, an engraved pretty keyring with date etc and a wish bracelet, I also did a young girls one for my H2B's sister who is also being our bridesmaid. We have bought my H2B's best man and usher a bottle opener keyring engraved and are also getting them some other little bits to do a bit of a gift bag for them too. x

  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476

    I got my MOH a swarovski necklace and matching earrings, my bridesmaids (aged 11 and 13) have sparkly headbands to match our theme, bracelets and necklaces. Then we got the flower girl a D for Diamond flowergirl necklace and page boy D for Diamond dog tags. I bought the best man, my dad and my OH a set of swarovski cufflinks and our mums Swarovski bracelets. We decided not to buy gifts for his dad and stepmum because they arent actually helping us with anything wedding related (Sorry if that sounds a little harsh), just turning up on the day. We'll give the gifts out at my bridal shower a week before the wedding so that they can be worn on the day.

  • PickyBridePickyBride Posts: 207

    I know what you mean, we're buying gifts for a lot of people. I probably sound a bit mean when I say this but, my bridesmaids are having a fortune spent on them, what with the dress, shoes,accessories and flowers - its A LOT of money! Then you guy them a gift!

    I love weddings, but it can easily get  carried away with gift buying.

    That said, all of mine will be getting lovely gifts - its just what you do isn;'t it!




  • k2k2 Posts: 224

    That all sounds SO lovely!  Giving me some inspiration image  I totally agree re costs mounting up!  I have spent a small fortune!  But to be honest, my BM's have all been SO amazing I think they all totally deserve it for putting up with meimage haha! xx

  • PickyBridePickyBride Posts: 207

    Ah maybe that's it. We're 7 months away, mine haven't needed do anything yet!

  • Pitt2bPitt2b Posts: 61
    I wanted to get my bridesmaids a really nice bracelet each but anything special is far too expensive with all the other gifts we've got to buy so I'm thinking of getting them a bottle of purfume so then they can wear it on the day then whenever they put it on again it will remind them of our wedding!

    The ushers and best man are getting a big bottle of their favourite spirit each I think!

    Then the MOH and best man a little something extra!

    We want to get both sets of parents something special but have no clue what!
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