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BHS Twist and Wrap Bridesmaid Dresses!

For anyone interested in the BHS Twist and Wrap bridesmaid dresses they are all on sale. The long is £64 down from £80, and the short is £56 down from £70! Just ordered 5 fuchsia dresses for £312!! So happy. Fingers crossed they look nice on! 

If anyone has purchased these before and has any information on them it would be greatly appreciated image


  • I have the fushia ones for my bridesmaids, 3 in total!!!

    My sister tried it on the other day they are a little tight getting it over her boobs, she is quite large in that department!!  But once we got it on it fitted lovely!!

    Now the struggle for them to decide which way that want to wear it.

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  • Ooh thanks ladies for your opinions! I saw a couple of reviews that said the material was quite clingy so I was a bit worried about that, but your comments have made me feel alot better image

    I know, I think it will be a difficult decision for them to decide...a few of them like more than one way so we shall have to see when they get here. Can't wait to see them now! 

  • janiejujujaniejuju Posts: 212

    Do let us know how you get on. I've just ordered a few to try!

  • CharlDCharlD Posts: 194
    I ordered the long fuschia one a few months ago for my bridesmaids to try. I loved it and so did my bridesmaids but unfortunately the colour just wasn't right. It's a shame they don't do in more colours.

    There is a lot of material so I think if we'd have kept them we would've decided on a style and probably got rid of some of the excess material. I loved the material because it was so comfortable and floaty...great to feel comfortable all day!

    I think it's a nice idea to let your bridesmaids all choose a style they like best.

    Let me know how you get on with them image
  • congratulation!

  • Dresses just been delivered! Absolutely love the colour! We were going for a dusky pink sort of colour, I was dead against fuchsia but we've changed it up a bit and these are a gorgeous colour. Quite different from the website actually.

    I'm a bit worried about the sizing though! I'm normally a size 10 so had a sneaky try on of one of the smalls I'd ordered (6-10) and couldn't even get it over my shoulders! Eeek! Hope my bridesmaids manage to get them on! Might have to order the mediums if not.

    CharlD I definitely agree..the material is so floaty and light, they look so comfy to wear! image
  • Oh fabulous!

    I have ordered 3 dresses in the Sapphire. I'm hoping it's darker than on the website.My bridesmaids are 8,8-10 and 12-14 so I've gone for two smalls and a medium.

    I'm a 10 so going to try it on myself and then post them to bridesmaids who live further away to try on if I like it.

    Hope mine arrive soon! Ordered the first one to store, but that seems to take forever, so ordered the others to come to work.

    I wish they had them in store, because it is a bit of a pain ordering them, and then having to post, but I suppose it will be worth it if they're nice!

  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Janiejuju - how funny! I was just about to post about the sapphire dresses! Please can you let us know how you get in with them? I want navy for my bridesmaids, and I'm concerned that the Sapphire colour will be too pale - it would be great to know what shade they really are when they are delivered.

  • Hello, of course, I will take a photo when it arrives.

    I too want Navy, but as long as it's not really light I don't think it will make too much of a difference if it's a nice dress. Navy always looks lighter with a flash, so it could be that it looks lighter on the website. I suppose Sapphire could be a multitude of different blues though.

    I wish I had chosen next day delivery!!!


  • Yeah it's a pain ordering them, I wanted to see what they looked like before hand but I suppose that's why there such good prices! I hope you have better luck getting it on janiejuju! The elastic bit is such a pain and is really tight! I tried the medium on and it fit fine. Had a go at doing a couple of the necklines, only took about 2 minutes to do one so I'm really pleased with that!

    Although mine are in fuchsia, ill just say that the colour is a bit more vibrant to the pictures on the website, so I'm not sure how that will look in the sapphire. Hopefully it's what you want! image
  • Oh yikes, I hope I can get it on.

    I'm busty so I reckon if it were for me I might need the Medium even though I'm a  10.  My 12-14 bridesmaid also has a large bust so I might need a large for her, rather than medium?

    Are there many styles you can wear with a bra? I certainly don't want the girls to have to go to bra-less if they don't want!

  • My sister is a size 8 with a large bust, i bought the smalls.

    Once elastic waist is over the bust the fit lovely. 

    There are about 5 ways to wear a normal bra but my mum said there was  bra that you can get that does up round the waist rather then over the shoulders so considering that for her.

    But there is defo more then 15 ways you can do it, as we were messing around with is and coming up with our own.


  • Thanks MrsMarler2be that's reassured me slightly! I at least want some options where you can wear a strapless bra.

    I'm having to have them delivered to me, which I will then check the colour and if nice I am posting to my bridesmaids who are then going to have to return them for me if no good.

    You can get backless bras, but think they tend to be limited to smaller sizings.

    Mine have now been despatched, so hopefully will be here Monday or Tuesday, will report back then!


  • Well one arrived yesterday!

    I was really sad when I felt the material in the packet because it's not the most expensive material (not that it's expensive in price) but it felt a little cheap, so thought it was going to be a total no.

    Colourwise the Sapphire would definitely be suitable for a Navy colourscheme unless you're going for a really dark almost black navy.

    Size wise, I am a busty 10 and fit into the small no worries.  No way would I say it was a small fitting since the small is to fit a 6-10 and I am a 10.

    On it looks fantastic! And doesn't look cheap at all, so I'm sending to my bridesmaids for them to try on. image

  • Glad you liked!!


  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204
    Thanks for the update, janiejuju - they do sound lovely!
  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204

    Oh no! they've stopped selling them in Sapphire! Rats - that will teach me for dithering!

  • Did you manage to fit into the dress janiejuju? I'm normally a size 10 but struggled to get it up my legs and over shoulders. I ordered 4 smalls and 1 medium and only one of my bridesmaids could actually get it on and that was a struggle, so I'm having to change to the mediums. The waists on mine just look absolutely tiny! Fine for the actual waist but how on earth you manage to get that on I have no idea! image They all loved the dress though, just worried about bra's for them! Two of my girls definitely don't want to go bra-less so we need to think up some ideas!

  • Hi Leah,

    Yes I fit into it no problems and my girls are much smaller than me so should be fine.

    I just literally pulled it over my head and it was a little tight over the boobs but quite roomy.

    Perhaps you got some very small ones as sizes can vary.

    I too need to find some ways of wearing a bra! I am thinking of perhaps cutting the bottom off and creating a boob tube out of the material?
  • Oh god, maybe I'm not as small as I think I am! Haha. Glad yours fit! They all tried the medium on and were fine with that so were gonna go with that one.

    Yeah we were thinking that, cutting some excess from the straps and make some sort of panelling or something. Really pleased with them though! Just need to find shoes and accesories to go with image

  • Mine have just arrived with a bridesmaid today, so hopefully they will try them tonight or over the weekend.

    I am hoping the panelling idea works - there is a lot of spare material to work with at least. I think two out of three won't mind not wearing a bra, but I know if it were me I would want one!



  • Ooh let me know how it goes! Mine tried the dresses on seperately. They wouldn't have been able to try them on all together anyway so when I've changed the sizes they can all try them together.

    Just want to see how they all look as a group... I'm sure they will all look stunning image just want the full picture haha

    Yeah there is loads of excess material so the panelling idea would definitely work!

  • Unfortunately one of my girls just couldn't get the straps to look right at the back, so they have been returned. The hunt continues!

  • Ohhh that's rubbish! I hope you manage to find some you like image

  • I really wish BHS would do the matching bandeau tops like two birds and dessey, I really wanted to get these but I'm not a massive fan of a bare back unless its a wedding at the height of summer - how have you got on those who were going to try and make a bandeau type top?

  • This may be a bit late for you snorkellingbride, but they have just started doing the matching bandeau tops. I've bought 2 sapphire long dresses for my bridesmaids and love them- nicer thant the £210 each dessy dresses I was looking at before!!!

  • Hello everyone,


    bit late to the party but I have managed to get 8 of the sapphire short twist and wrap dresses for my 8 BMs for 35 each in BHS sale! so happy! All my bms are 6-10s but a few with quite big busts. Does anyone have any of sapphire bandeaus to sell as they no longer sell them? The waist is very small -I am a ten but with not much of a waist and I could get it on over my head. Did anyone manage to alter them at all? I am seriously happy with quality and price and colour so need to get girls over to try them on.

    Would appreciate anyone's feedback who actually used them for big day image


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