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Invites at amazing prices!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All

Just bought

30 wedding invites

40 evening ones for £3.43 £3.43 I am so pleased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marks and Spencers but at Dunelm Mill in Preston Lancs think they branches all over.

Hope info helps



  • clareg22clareg22 Posts: 302
    Hi Lisac, i got mine at Dunelm last week too!! how good are they?!
  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi Clareg22

    I know I bought the silver heart ones way I see more money to spend on


    table plan

    order of service e.t.c.

    or honeymoon lol

  • clareg22clareg22 Posts: 302
    i got cream and gold cake ones, am personalising by adding bows in champagne colour(to match my dress in the top corner. We dont have table plans or menus as we are having a picnic on lawn so more for honeymoon - every little extra helps! clare
  • ambaangelambaangel Posts: 266
    Where is this place do they have a website??
  • Got mine from there as well - love a bargain. I also got the silver heart ones. The way I look at it is, I'm not spending a fortune on something that will end up in the bin when it could be spent on food and drink!
  • clareg22clareg22 Posts: 302
    Hi Amba Angel, i dont know if they will be on their website but they are called Dunelm Mill and generally sell towels, linen etc.they seem to have large stores in retail parks mostly
  • hi I only live a hour from Preston, did they have a good selection? it mite be worth a drive. they wern't £3.75 each weree they? i just need evening invitations now as i got everything else from Razzle Dazzle - they send out ready to do DIY kits and are gorgeous, i'll feel like i had a part in it then os thats a good idea too but think they still set us back around £200 coz we got our favour boxes and place cards for that aswell. check out there web site x
  • clareg22clareg22 Posts: 302
    hi thy were`3.75 for a pack of ten. once i opened them realised they were marks and spencer
  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi All

    They are priced as £3.50 for 10 but are on sale at £0.49p each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have 2 designs

    Gold and cream or silver and white and have both wedding and evening ones.

    In Preston the reatail park is the Capitol center.

    I agree not spending £££££££ on paper!!! would rather put money into flowers,reception e.t.c.

  • Im in the Dunelm Bargain club too!!!

    We chose the Silver Heart design and because our colour scheme is pink & Silver we are customising with pink organza as a little personal touch. I was so impressed I bought far too many than needed- 100 to be precise but I thought I could actually afford the £5. Now we are trying to look for Order of Service with a simliar theme so any suggestions Ill let you all know and vice versa- alas I doubt these will be as bargainous but it worth a try!!

    I was tipped off about these invites on here by my wedding twin who is in the same town- small world?! And now the perfect justification to H2B as to why I spend so much time on here!!! image
  • zoe6662003zoe6662003 Posts: 638
    we got ours to but they only had the day ones ( need to find the evening ones now) they were only £2 that was for 4 ppacks as only small wedding but big evening party yea

    the website is

    hope this helps xx

  • clareg22clareg22 Posts: 302
    Yep mine were £0.49 per pack too!! I also bought too many but means i can practice customising image
  • Me too! Just want to say Thanks for the post on here - got all evening ones in silver heart design - 70 for 3.50!! will also put some silver organza ribbon on for a special touch!
  • Hi there, another website that does wedding invites quite cheaply is

    You can have both of your names printed on and the date of your wedding. 50 invites for £19.99!!! They also do evening invites, cake boxes, order of service cards, serviettes and thank you cards to match!

    Hope this can help some-one:\)
  • Been to Dunelm Mill this afternoon and got 240 invites for £11!!!!! Need another 60, but who compares invitation??!!!
  • Hi Sal2,

    Thank you for confirming the Ace website details. The invites on there look good, only £40 for the 100 I need! I have just set up an account and ordered a free sample - thank you!!

    Nicola ;\)
  • barbieukbarbieuk Posts: 156

    Bought mine today in the silver and will add a little pink bow to each one. Bought way to many but hey I thought I would splash out! 100 invites for £4.90 - my h2b was ecstatic!

    I was beaming going around the shop! I love a bargain so thanks for the tip girls. I've now got lots of money left over to spend on something else.
  • Hi Nicola, glad I could help-we all need to save as much as we can!x :\)
  • Jess17ukJess17uk Posts: 2,381
    Could I have the ACe details, the web link doesn't seem to be working

  • helens0891helens0891 Posts: 208
    Thanks to all the people who mentioned the invites at dunelm, we have been to the store in Warrington today and also purchased the silver heart ones. I never even knew they sold things like this but we are both made up with our fantastic savings!! Helen
  • Hi Jess 17,

    the website address is

    click on 'invitations' on the keyword search. i have ordered a free sample!!

  • atracie1atracie1 Posts: 99

    Has anyone seen the invites in any of the Yorkshire stores (Barnsley/Doncaster/Sheffield/York)? These are the nearest stores to me and I want to have a look, but they are all at least half an hours drive, so I was wondering if anyones seen them before I go and look??

  • wcumiskawcumiska Posts: 114
    Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your bargain buy of M+S invites with everyone.

    I went to the Chester store this morning and bought 24 packs for the bargain price of £11.76 WOW!

    Wendy x
  • VikHukVikHuk Posts: 109
    Can anyone tell me, if in the invites you have to write inside them?..

    Really like the chequered Hearts invites.

    Found this is hardest part of wedding, cant find any invites I love, the ones I have, been far too expensive..

  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536

    The invites are written and you just add names and details.

    Glad to have helped but as they were such an amazing bargin I had to share.


  • Hi girls - by the looks of it all the dunelm stores have them at this low price - not for long though if we all keep buying them! Thanks for the mention F Mrs D - that was really sweet! The whole country will be saturated with these invitations soon! Lucky there were two types! My choice was the gold! Sometimes they do thankyou cards as well, always by the check outs so keep your eyes peeled girls!! xx
  • Hello there, loved all your convos about the bargin invites, went onto the dunelm mill website, but am i being really dumb, cannot see a single wedding invite on there? can anybody help?xxx
  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi Aug08bride

    You just go to nearest store and the invites are by the tills in baskets no on-line details

    but the invites have 2 colour schemes gold and silver.

    Good Luck

  • Hi what are the invites like and where id dunelm mill in preston is it on deepdale x
  • lisacuklisacuk Posts: 536
    Hi Dottie

    Dunelm is on the Capitol Center

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