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Etsy and 14k/18k gold

ReeRee Posts: 119

Hi Everyone,

Ive seen a beautiful wedding band that I love on Etsy. Ive bought items on Etsy before and they are always lovely... however for some reason i am nervous about expensive items...and I am unsure about 14k gold next to 18k?

I wonder if anyone has had any experience and can answer any or all of my questions...

Have you bought your wedding or diamond ring from Etsy? and if so was the size and ring ok?

Can you wear 14k white gold with 18k white gold (my engagement ring is 18k WG)? Is there a noticable difference in colour? or will there be any damage?

I like Shiree Odiz stuff? Has anyone bought from her site before?

Thanks soooo much for any advice!



  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    I haven't got something from Etsy, but I do have a 14k white gold ring. My fiance got my ring from Blue Nile who ship from the US where they do 10k, 14k and 18k.

    I have been perfectly happy with it. I was told by a jeweller that technically you're supposed to wear the same type of gold, as the higher the carat, the softer the gold and so the harder one will wear away at the softer. She said though that the difference between 14 and 18 is so small, she wouldn't see a problem with wearing a 14 and 18. 9 and 18 yes, and gold and platinum yes, but they are close enough to wear together without too much problem.


    I am going for a wedding ring from Blue Nile that matches my engagement ring so I will have two 14k rings. 

  • ReeRee Posts: 119

    Hi VicN2B...

    Thank you so much. I have been googling and so many websites say different things. I think Ill go for it. Its a really pretty ring and handmade...

    Although might also have a look on Blue Nile. My fiances friend bought his girlfriends engagement ring from their and said it was really good!


  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    Blue Nile have been great. My fiancé got to choose all the aspects of my ring and for what he got for his money, it was a real bargain. I have looked around and rings with the same diamond weight as mine (around 0.7k) are so much more expensive in high street stores. It is so beautiful as well. Going for the wedding band that matches it as the engagement ring he chose is a flat ring with channel set, princess cut diamonds in the band - surprisingly difficult to find a ring that has all those 3 characteristics anywhere else but Blue Nile! 

    Oh, and we ordered my OH's wedding ring from them at around 9pm on a Sunday night a few weeks back - 8am Tuesday morning it arrived by FedEx international express delivery which was free. Their customer service is great. image


  • KotchkaKotchka Posts: 12
    Hi Ree, there shouldn't be any problem, as white gold is rhodium plated, so the colours should be the same - shiny silver. That said there is a little difference in the hardness of the gold so if you wear them together, in 50 years or so you'll have a blunting of the 18k one as its softer. In terms of etsy, I've not bought any jewellery there before, but good luck. Xx
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