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Help needed for non-wine drinker

SW83SW83 Posts: 411

Hi all

We've decided to purchase our own wine and champagne and pay corkage, as this will work out considerably cheaper.

However OH and I aren't wine drinkers so any recommendations gratefully received.

Also....all weddings seem to do white or red only, I personally only drink rose. Is it wrong for me to offer a rose option? 



  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    It's your wedding, you should have the food and drink you enjoy! Many white drinkers like rose too as they are similar so perhaps have it instead of that? It might be worth still providing red as some people prefer the heavier feel. Or you could do some of each? 

  • wilson2bwilson2b Posts: 272

    Maybe speak to your friends. With red wine I will drink most varieties but with white I drink Sauvignon blanc from new zealand. Other people will drink Pinot Grigio (a popular cheaper dry white). I wouldn't buy chardonnay but then that's because I really don't like the flavour. Generally venues do slightly more red than white. You will want to consider the food you are serving too.  

    Prosecco is a cheaper option than champagne and I think it's a nicer flavour. 

    But like I said, speak  to your guests. 

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Thanks MrsNoel...I get teased at work for liking rose as they feel it's the amateur wine-drinkers choice lol! X 

  • SW83SW83 Posts: 411

    Will do, thanks wilson2be....we're having tribute ale battered fish and chips image

    I'm still contemplating alternatives to champagne, maybe some jäger shots...we're a classy couple lol. For welcome drinks we're planning cocktails and rattler ciderimage

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