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advice on bride,m and best man gifts

Hi I would like some help with the gifts for the bridesmaids,best man,usher I really don't know what to get them also what's the order of the speeches dose the best man go before the groom or can you do it anyway you want to now days  thanks Lola 


  • image Hi Lola,

    For my bridesmaids I am going to buy their bracelts and then I am puttin some photo books together of me and them through the years from bonud print.  We haven't sorted the men yet, but maybe some cufflinks?  Etsy usually has good ideas.

    With regards to speeches, these days its really up to you!  There are pros and cons to everything such as whether its before or after the meal.  Think we are going to do it before as I imagine my dad will get nervous, so will be nice for him to enjoy his meal without worrying about it.  The speech order we are doing is Father of the bride, groom, best man (even though I would much rather he didn't do one at all, scared of the stories he will come out with lol!)

    When are you getting married?  Hows the plans going?


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    We have bought our grooms men cuff links and will get them something else. I think we are getting the best man some cigars. I am getting the bridesmaid's jewelery x

  • My bm is getting a bracelet and best man is getting an engraved hip flask

    we are doing, best man, father of the bride, groom then me I think lol

  • for my 2 bm's they are having a personalised hanger, personalised jute bag, and a wine glass.

    1 flower girl is also having a hanger, a personalised hankie (keepsake) and a memory journal (something for her to do through the day)

    the men are having cufflinks, socks and possibly personalised mugs

    mums & dads are having personalised hankies and flowers and a bottle

    speeches we are doing later in the afternoon, my dad will go first followed by groom and then best man. x

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  • We are doing our gifts in the morning rather than during the speeches. Speeches will be father of the bride, groom and then best man. 

    gifts are: 

    Bridesmaids: Necklace and earrings from Pilgrim, Cardigan and glitter trainers, survival pack for the day including, mirror, chocolate etc 

    Bestman/ushers: socks and personalised swiss army knife 

    parents: need some ideas. Thinking glassware. . . 

  • I got my BM's a personalised claireabella bag each and my H2B sorted the men, they're having a personalised shot glass and a selection of miniatures to go with it. Not sure on the mum's yet though. Speeche's, I've no idea of the order but we're doing ours before the meal. My cousin did this at her wedding and it worked really well plus H2B has told me its happening this way and I guess as I'm not having to do a speech it's his call as to when he'll be most comfortable doing it.

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    Thankyou ladies , can I just ask when you say personalized do you mean there name or your names and date of wedding ie on the cup or glass ? Thanks Lola 

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    I've got my bridesmaid a survival kit each and a personalised mug from - we personalised with words from the day such as our names, date, colour etc. I will give them these in the morning and then jewellery during the speeches.

    We are getting the men an engraved hip flask and a bottle of spirit to go with it.

    We are doing the speeches before the meal as I want everyone to enjoy their meal without feeling nervous. we are doing them Father of the bride, groom then best man image 

  • I've go things personalised with their name, their role and the date of the wedding.

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