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Gift ideas for parents

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for inspiration on what to buy for my mum and dad as a token of thanks on my wedding day! I really want something sentimental and special. Does anyone know of any good websites I could try? xxx


  • Hi there! i have found this website which provides beautiful personal candles etc for Mum or bridesmaids and so on. It may be worth having a peek. Not sure what to get my dad either.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
  • are you actually going to give the presents on the day? of not, I was browsing the Jessops web page and found you can create your own photo book on there from digital images starting from 20quid which I thought was a fab idea! If you'll get the copyright of your wedding pics you could do that or if a friend takes good photos.....just an idea
  • chaninechanine Posts: 256
    hi emmafin

    We bought both sets of our parents a glass clock with our names and wedding date on, so they had something special that they could keep forever. They absolutely loved them. Have a look at the website they sell other stuff as well but they have a section for pernts gifts.
  • we're making up wine baskets for our mums I think. thought they'd need it after it's all over!!

    we'll chuck in all their fav wine and some really nice wine glasses so they'll have the glasses to keep
  • Hi Saint Bertie,

    the site Mrs Wilde gave above has some very nice champagne glasses thatare personalised if you wanna take a peek!!

    Shel x
  • cheers Shelle will do!!
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