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mirror centre pieces

Does anyone know where I can get mirror centrepieces for the centre of my reception tables.

Basically I want a round mirror about 12" to 14" in diameter to place my vases and candles. Can't find anything on the internet other than something really expensive.


  • Somebody put this website on here a while back and there is a picture of round mirrors beneath vases on it (scroll to the bottom)

    you could ring them and ask if they sell or hire them
  • Thanks I will do.
  • I got my mirrors from Ikea.

    They are round and were 3.99 for 4 of them. I dont know if they are big enough for what you need but if you have a look at their website they should be on there, mine were called Sorli.

    Also got my vases and tealight holders from there.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks. Ikea is where we originally looked but they are a bit too small unfortunately.
  • Same here, we went to Ikea and thought of getting those mirrors, but like you said they're just too small. By the time you put your flower arrangment on it you wont really see much of the mirror and get that effect you're looking for.
  • Have a look on the website. They sell the mirrors. The size I want cost £5.50 each but will try and prehaps sell them afterwards. When is your wedding?
  • you can also get those mirrors at Au Naturel (used to be International???) . i think they were £1 or £2 and they have a range of sizes-reckon they are a bit bigger than the ikea ones????
  • Where is there an au naturel shop?
  • Go to covent garden market, you can get anything and everything there and much cheaper as it is all at wholesale price.x
  • i've put a load of websites for mirrors on a post in planning about scatter crystals - might be of help
  • Try Have lots of different shape and size mirrors specially for centrepieces.


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