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help wedding cameras


does anybody know where i can get 10 wedding cameras at a resonable price i cant seem to find any




  • Hi ebay has sooooo many on there...I bought 10 pink ones with flash for £25 inc postage. Much cheaper than wedding sites!
  • MidgeukMidgeuk Posts: 129
    Some pound shops do disposable cameras. Asda are also doing some for around £2.60 and i think they're Fujifilm ones so I'm getting mine from there.
  • Hi

    Tescos do disposable cameras in white/silver with wedding horseshoes on at £2.97/each, I have bought a couple.

  • Def ebay! I looked in so many shops and on various internet sites and ebay was the cheapest.

  • I agree with everyone else about e-bay. I've bought 20 Wedding cameras with the words "Our wedding" on and 2 wedding rings on the front, they came from e-bay. They also came with table cards telling guests to use the cameras for shots that the photographer may not be able to get. I paid about £20 for 10, they are fab!!!!
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