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Cheap Dresses in the North East

Hi girls,

Just thought I'd share this with you all. My sister's friend is getting married up in the North East and got her dress for a mere £50 from a shop called Confetti Bridal which is in the Metro centre in gateshead.

I went up to visit my family last week (I live in Essex) and thought I'd pop my head round the door. I've already bought my dress but, well, I thought a little look wouldn't hurt!


I believe they're all samples and have been tried on in the shop but when you're getting them for this price you can afford to fork out a little to have it dry cleaned.

There was a dress there that I really like, have seen similar ones for more than £800 and this was only £180.

They're also selling their shoes off, starting at £10. Unfortunately none of them were any good for me asI have very wide feet and these are obviously made for the more delicatet lady!!

Hope someone benefits from this or has already bought their dress from here and can let us know what it's like.
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