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Fishbowls for Hire

Need Fishbowls to hire. Does anyone know where I can get the 12 inch diameter fishbowls for hire's just that I need about 20 and to buy those will probably cost about £300. i know this is probably little money for some but for me I need to save all I can so I'm wondering if hiring them for the weekend or the day will be a cheaper option.... i'm just wonderign where I can go. I'm looking within the London, Herts, Beds, and Bucks areas. I'm willing to travel to Hants and Oxford too.

Thanks Jess


  • have you tried asking your local pet shops as my dad has one in weston - super - mare and thats what some one asked them to do,

    sorry cant help just thought that advice woulsd be useful x

  • floss78floss78 Posts: 176
    Hiya Jess17,

    Have you tried looking on EBay? I've found it fantastic for planning my wedding. I bought 16 fishbowls for £48, bargain! It's worth a look

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