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Dress Shop Recomendation (great for voluptuous brides)

I would like to tell you all about a great small dress shop in Barnsley called Cassamiento. I have bought my wedding dress from there after visiting several and would recommend it to anyone. It was actually the 1st one I went in and the one I landed back at quite simply for 1 main reason - THE STAFF ARE FANTASTIC. It is owned and run by two ladies who are absolute angels and a mine of knowledge and information. What's more they make you feel like the only bride they have ever served from the moment you step in the door. It doesn't matter whether you are spending £200 or £2000 you are treated like a princess.

As a plus sized bride I found a fantastic range of styles to choose from (they can cater for up to a plus size 36 in most styles) and with one of the ladies being of the voluptuos size herself, I found I wasn't as selfconscious trying dresses on or going for my fitting and standing there in my undies and she was great at advising me at what styles would suit my figure the best. She is also a great seamstress and does all the alterations herself(which are free).

So anyone in South Yorkshire or beyond who wants great service and a great range of styles to try on, who is any size or who is plus size and wants service from people who truly understand how beautiful you want to look on your big day and make you feel exactly that, drop in if you can. I had such low self esteeem and image problems before and now I am looking forward to my wedding day so much because of how I have been made to feel by these ladies.


  • Wow that sounds great, I've already got my dress and as much as they were lovely in the shop they we a bit pushy and when I was asking my mum and friend what they thought of the dress I had on she was rattling off how much deposit i needed to pay and kept interrupting which was rather annoying. Free alterations sounds great!

  • Yup free alterations and free hoop hire - so you cant go wrong really image
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