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I'm about to look for bridesmaid dresses (getting married on 2/6/06) and need some ideas about where to buy some nice but reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses in the Kent area?

Thanks. Connie x


  • I dont know anywhere I am sorry but just thought I'd say hi as 2nd june is my birthday!!
  • Hi

    I posted a link to a website yesterday...cant remember where it was though! Its, and they make dresses to order. Theres some really different bridesmaids dresses, and they'll send you fabric swatches if you ask.Ive sent them a few e mails with questions and they have been really quick to respond!


  • Thanks for the website for dresses - they're really nice. Do you know where they're based? Do you think its safe to order them if they aren't in England?
  • Hi have you heard of TK Max. I came accross my bridesmaids dresses by accident but they were exactly what I wanted. And only costing £30 each was a bonus. They have loads of prom/ bridesmaids dresses in there its just luck if they've got what you want.
  • Hiya Connie

    I dont know where they are based, but I ordered the fabric samples off them, and they came within a couple of days so they cant be far away. I found the shop on e bay originally, so maybe have a look at their feedbak on there?!


  • Hi,

    I got my adult ones from Debenhams £80 each - not a true bargin but much better price than the ones in the bridal shops we had been looking. All the girls felt a lot more comfortable in them and they could get them in their size - not in weird mark up sizes that made one of them feel really rubbish!

    So i suggest looking on the highstreet - good luck

    Claire xxx
  • Hi Girlies, I was looking for bridesmaid dresses too and also found gorgeous ones in debenhams. But ....... i didn't buy them as i always do that then find a bargin else where - does anyone know of any other high street stores? or will i end up at debenhams?! xxx
  • Hi, I got mine in BHS, they were around £70 each but are really nice. However I have ended up with an extra one as one of my bridesmaids has pulled out image but they are good quality and they had quite a good selection of colours
  • I was a bridesmaid last year and wore a dress from Debenhams. I really loved it and felt much better in it than the ones I had tried on in bridal shops (which were about three times the prices) because the material was a bit more substantial.

    I have just bought my bridesmaid dresses from Monsoon - they have some really lovely ones there. Slightly more expensive than Debehams (135 each) but again much cheaper than from a bridal shop. I recently went to a wedding where the dresses were from Coast - they were lovely and could definitely be worn again for a party or something.
  • i am getting a discount of my bridesmaids dresses for buying my dress at my bridal shop they were 135 each and they are alfred angelo ones at that but im not buying them my bridesmaids are because they will wear them again for balls etc its a cheaper option they were happy to i was going to but they refused so give it a go see what they say!
  • All of my bridesmaids are completely different shapes and I would like them to have different dresses that suit their style but in matching material. Does anyone know of anyone who can just sew dresses from a pattern?

    Whoever it was that posted the link to beau bridal - I love their dresses. Am seriously considering using them. Thank you
  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Hi, i'm not sure where you live but there is a great business in Pontefract, West Yorkshire called leading ladies - they make any design if dress you would want. It's run by two sisters who are lovely!
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