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pronovias shoes

i have just brought a pair of gorgeous pronovias shoes from ebay.

the problem is that they are too big!

they are the ones that appear in the pronovias adverts and have gold and silver beading, they are a size four and i am gutted that they dont fit!

if anyone is interested in buying these from me please let me know!!

many thanks x


  • do u have a pic of them?

  • Quoted:
    do u have a pic of them?

    i am rubbish with computers! if you go onto and enter pronovias shoes into the search it will come up with them, they are on there for buy it now price of £95 but i payed £77.50 in the bid and would consider an offer if you are interested!

    i cant believe they dont fit! it was silly to bid for them really as i normally wear size 3 more than size 4!
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