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Supplying own wine


Just wondered if anyone is bringing in their own wine and if so if they have found any good deals. I was going to go to France on a booze cruize for this but have left it a bit late.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated



  • We are going on a booze cruise to get ours as we are supplying all drinks all day. Its definitely worth doing as we worked it out compared to the UK and we are saving a grand! If you pre order for collection from Majestic in calais they will pay for your ferry ticket if your order is over 300 quid I think. They will also give you free glass hire from your local warehouse.
  • We worked it out and for the amount of people that we have coming, it's cheaper to buy alcohol when it's on specials in this country than it would be for ferry ticket/time off work/diesel in the car etc.

    Shop around, you'd be amazed at what deals are on at the supermarkets!
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