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Hi girls!

Just had to tell someone about my crackers! I'm using them as favours and name cards because Im getting married in between xmas and new year. Im getting them from a company called totally crackers and they are fabulous!! I ordered a sample in my original colour scheme but then changed my mind so just phoned them and 2 days later I received a box with 2 sample crackers and a bag full of different paper, ribbons, flowers, namecards and presents I could use. They just seem SO efficient and organised that I just had to share it with you all as there are so many companies that aren't like this these days. They are very reaonably priced having mini crackers with chocolates as gifts and they are working out at aabout £2 each...BARGAIN!

Anyway, glad Ive spread the word!

A x


  • Ohh can you post the web address so i can take a gander. I have my children here for christmas (the first time in three years) it will be nice to do something special.
  • they look great!

    (i presume i've found the same site, did a google search, ?)
  • Yeah thats the web address. Theyre dead helpful if you phone them as well, and theyre open in the evening! They will put any present in your cracker that either you or they can provide. we were thinking of putting lottery tickets in but couldnt stand it if any of our guests won and wouldnt share it!!!

  • oooH! I have to admit that I thought you were talking about CHEESE crackers!!!! hehehe! imageimageimage

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